This is Ron Burris’ third CD as an independent artist, and, as the title implies—he has never felt better.  Ron has selected some excellent musicians to assist him in bringing out the different qualities of these eight standards and one original song on this CD. To get things started, Ron and the guys offer a fresh rendition of Coltrane’s Impressions.  The entire group plays with passion to the very last note. Additionally, Kendrick Freeman, drum solo and drumming throughout adds to the beauty of this selection. “Never Felt So Good”, the title of the CD, is a simple tune, that is meant to express the wonderful feeling I have for this song and the entire CD.  It is meant to be simple, but expressive. At the end of the piece, John and I exchange simple phrases that match the title of the song- and at the very end, I can be heard stating, “It Never Felt So Good. The beauty of music in our lives, allow us to be thankful for what we do have, and rejoice. Life is not perfect, but music makes it feel so much better.