Tim Ray Trio - Excursions and Adventures - Whaling City Sound

It’s a delight to hear three supremely talented musicians find common ground, especially considering it’s their first recording together. As many know, Tim Ray (piano), John Patitucci(bass), and TerriLyne Carrington (drums) have diverse backgrounds, styles, and experience, but share a common connection to Berklee College. Ray, currently Tony Bennett’s musical director, is a longtime road companion to Lyle Lovett and Jane Siberry. Patitucci initially made a name for himself with the great Chick Corea and has spent the better part of the last two decades with Wayne Shorter. Carrington, also with Shorter and a myriad of other great jazz artists, is at the vanguard of today’s drum corps, with power, finesse, and a vision for the instrument that few can match. They come together on Excursions and Adventures, a powerful inaugural recording session for this trio that often transcends description with its gorgeous fidelity, colorful arrangements, and fabulous, nuanced performances. There are originals, like Patitucci’s NOLA-inspired “Messiaen’s Gumbo,” Carrington’s “Samsara,” an ode to Shorter, which previously appeared on her acclaimed Jazz Is a Spirit album, along with Ray’s “Yo 11,” which is as enjoyably rhythmic as it is whimsical. There are a few pop covers to note, as well, including Billy Preston’s “Nothing from Nothing,” and the Stones’ rocker “Paint It Black,” both of which show remarkable and unpredictable invention. Again, much of this gorgeous session defies description, and requires your uninterrupted attention.

Albare - Albare Plays Jobim - AlFi Records

Albare Plays Jobim (A Tribute to Antonio Carlos Jobim) is his 6th collaboration with Phil Turcio, 5th with Joe Chindamo. It is his second collaboration with Antonio Sanchez and first with Ricardo Rodriguez. Albare Plays Jobim is his 12th album and of his romantic exploration of Jobim’s enchanting melodies. Albare says: “As Jobim was such an influence in my playing, I feel this album is overdue and I am now ready to express the intense beauty of these melodies to my own satisfaction.” Guitars: Albare, Piano, string arrangement and conductor: Joe Chindamo, Drums: Antonio Sanchez, Bass: Ricardo “Ricky” Rodriquez.

Lisa Hilton - Chalkboard Destiny - Ruby Red Slippers

Hilton conveys that the concept behind Chalkboard Destiny is the idea that our future, our destiny, can be continually reshaped, – implying that we are not beholden by history or traditional myths, allowing us a freedom in creation. The title track, Chalkboard Destiny, easily exhibits this concept with Royston’s rim shots crackling for attention. Hilton shows her harmonic and emotional depth with her tender ballad, Temporary Lullaby, as well as the moving Waltz From Nowhere. The Joni Mitchell classic, Blue Boy showcases the compatibility of this group – Allen’s dusky tenor a contrast to his band mates. Tracks Tropic of Tango, Myths & Fantasy, and Adventures & Alibis all explore Latin rhythms and engaging harmonic ideas as well. Café au Mojo, is a bright piece where traditional ideas abound. It’s noteworthy that Grammy award winning engineers – Al Schmitt, Gavin Lurssen, Reuben Cohen, Fernando Lodeiro all contributed to the high quality soundscape. Altogether an exuberant exhibition of top notch players rallying around traditional ideas in new ways. Sounds like destiny.

Andy James - Blue - LeCoq Records

Andy James is a spontaneous party wherever she goes, and the best of the best are always crossing the velvet rope to stop by and play! Alex Acuña, Marvin “Smitty” Smith, Michael Dease, Terell Stafford, Rick Margitza and Chris Colangelo all contribute incredibly beautiful genius to this, Andy’s third LP release, Blue. Music Director, Bill Cunliffe, correspondingly pulls another rabbit out of the hat this go ’round; he is the perfect tonic for Andy James’s smoky knowing sound, bringing every nuance effervescently to the listener. Terell Stafford always provides a steamy swagger, then each of these impressive greats has a chance to speak and make you just about to lose your mind – Rick Margitza, Michael Dease, Jake Langley, Chris Colangelo and Brandon Fields with Bill Cunliffe as the Engineer of this freight train of talent! This is an old school record chock-full of smoke, sex, thirst, and craving.

Big Band of Brothers - A Jazz Celebration of the Allman Brothers Band - New West Records

Released in celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the Allman Brothers Band’s debut album, the 10-song set of jazz interpretations of Allman Brothers Band favorites features Marc Broussard and Ruthie Foster on vocals on two songs each, plus instrumental guests Wycliffe Gordon and Jack Pearson on trombone and guitar, respectively. While jazz interpretations of Allman Brothers Band classics might come off as a surprise to some, the genre always held great inspiration for the band and its members. Gregg Allman, recalling the band’s early days, told the journalist Bob Beatty, “Jaimoe [Allman Brothers Band drummer Jai Johanny “Jaimoe” Johanson] turned all of us on to so much neat stuff. He gave us a proper education about jazz and got us into Miles Davis and John Coltrane. Kind of Blue was always on the turntable – Duane really got his head around that album – and he also seriously dug Coltrane’s My Favorite Things.” New West Records will release the album on November 22nd, 2019.

Lionel Hampton Big Band - Live At Rossmoor - AlFi Records

2019 live release: Happy Birthday Lionel Hampton! This year is a very special Birthday-we chose this day to release our Live at Roosmoor CD with the new Lionel Hampton Big Band featuring Jason Marsalis. Not only will you listen to the greatest Lionel Hampton hits, you’ll also hear some funny stories about Hamp. The band is comprised mainly of musicians who played with Lionel Hampton himself. The Lionel Hampton Estate, eager to have the Big Band reactivate, granted permission in March of 2015 to launch the Lionel Hampton Big Band featuring Jason Marsalis, with Christian Fabian, Cleave Guyton Jr and Lance Bryant as co-leaders. Jason Marsalis is from the Marsalis Jazz family. All the band leaders played with Lionel Hampton: Lance was the Lionel Hampton Orchestra musical director and principal arranger, Cleave was the last musical director of the band, and Christian remains the bass chair of the last big band led by Lionel Hampton. We hope you enjoy this CD as much as we enjoyed playing this concert and honoring Lionel.

Richie Goods & The Goods Project - My Left Hand Man - Richman Music

Bassist, bandleader and producer Richie Goods announces the release of his seminal album with his band The Goods Project, entitled My Left Hand Man. The consummate bassist’s third album as a bandleader, My Left Hand Man, is a tribute to Goods’ late mentor Mulgrew Miller. Over the course of ten fresh takes of ten compositions by jazz luminary Miller, Goods achieves a clean, cohesive and unified sound wrought with thoughtful interplay from this large ensemble thanks to his mindful arrangements and the talented personnel that he carefully selected.  The album features Goods on acoustic and electric bass, along with Lil John Roberts on the drums. Mulgrew’s vacant piano bench is shared on this tribute by two remarkable pianists, Shedrick Mitchell and Mike King. The release features the guitarwork of Tariqh Akoni and David Rosenthal. A slew of notable artists make guest appearances on this release, including vocalist Jean Baylor, vibraphonist Chien Chien Lu, percussionist Danny Sadownick among others.

Jerome Jennings - Solidarity - IOLA Records

Drummer-composer-educator Jerome Jennings puts the spotlight on his writing chops for Solidarity, his rousing second album as a leader, set for a November 8 release on his own Iola Records. Featuring as its core unit trumpeter Josh Evans, tenor and soprano saxophonist Stacy Dillard, trombonist Andrae Murchison, pianist Zaccai Curtis and Jennings’s friend and mentor, legendary bassist Christian McBride (along with special guests, including saxophonist/flutist Tia Fuller, tenor saxophonist-vocalist Camille Thurman, bassist Endea Owens, and percussionist Carlos Maldonado), the album also features seven original compositions and four
covers with fiercely inventive new arrangements.

Deborah Silver and Freddy Cole - "Orange Colored Sky" (single) - Independent

Deborah Silver and Freddy Cole team up for a tribute to Freddy’s brother, Nat King Cole with the release of their single “Orange Colored Sky” going for adds on October 21st. This special tribute is in conjunction with Nat’s centennial birthday celebration! Check out the video for a behind the scenes look at Deborah Silver and Freddy Cole’s duet, “Orange Colored Sky” – a song originally recorded by Freddy’s brother, Nat King Cole. Click here! “Silver’s strong and sultry vocals are seductive and soul soothing. Whatever she sings she owns, making every note matter!” – Quincy Jones

Ada Rovatti - Brecker Plays Rovatti: Sacred Bond - Piloo Records

Brecker Plays Rovatti: Sacred Bond, features the husband and wife team of Grammy Award-winning trumpeter and fusion pioneer Randy Brecker and saxophonist-composer Ada Rovatti but also includes their 10-year-old daughter Stella in a vocal cameo appearance on one track. Backed by a versatile core group of pianist David Kikoski, bassist Alex Claffy and drummer Rodney Holmes, with guest appearances by keyboardist Jim Beard, guitarist Adam Rogers and Brazilian percussionist Café, the married couple forges an easy chemistry together on the 10 tracks here, all composed by Rovatti. The collection kicks off with the upbeat “Sacred Bond,” which has mother and daughter doubling wordless vocals on the melodic head alongside trumpet and tenor sax, Kikoski’s electric piano comping, Claffy’s funky baselines and Holmes’ insistent backbeat. Rovatti solos first, demonstrating her deeply impactful tone, easy rhythmic assuredness and remarkable facility as she builds to double-timed flurries and a magnificent crescendo. Brecker follows with a typically bright, bristling and eminently melodic trumpet solo – the kind he has been documenting on record for 50 years, beginning with his own debut as a leader, 1969’s Score – before mother and daughter return to sing the melodious refrain together.