Fueled by inspiration from the legendary George Benson’s 2009 sonic masterpiece, Living in High Definition, Maysa and her longtime producer, Chris “Big Dog” Davis, created a musical story titled, “Spirit 222”, expressing the idea that we are all connected by THE SOURCE: LOVE and if we all truly led with love, our world could be a heaven on earth. When the time came to decide who would be featured on “Spirit 222”, Maysa instantly knew that master musicians, guitarist Chieli Minucci (Special EFX) and percussionist Thomas Dyani Akuru (Incognito, Shakira, The Lion King), would be perfect to carry the song to the highest of heights. The musical arrangement of “Spirit 222” perfectly complements the introspective nature of the lyrics. The smooth jazz instrumentation, including gentle piano chords, soulful guitar solos, and powerful percussion, creates a soothing and contemplative ambiance. The interplay between Maysa’s vocals and the instrumental sections adds depth and dimension to the song, creating a lush sonic landscape. The essence of Maysa’s 8th track “Spirit 222”, from her highly acclaimed 19 song double album, Music For Your Soul, captures the quintessential vibe that Smooth Jazz Lovers cherish, prompting a nostalgic reminder of the genre’s core appeal.