Deepak Thettu - "As Long as It’s You" - Sodara Music

Now that we’ve been introduced to Deepak Thettu… He invites the listener on a soulful jazzy ride with his vibrant new single, “As Long As It’s You.“ With its irresistible bounce and memorable hook, “As Long as it’s You” is going to engage the listener and have them humming along to the infectious chorus. The ace production work of Judah Sealy is on display as he combines subtle yet poignant sonic tapestries that perfectly complement Thettu’s smooth, rich guitar textures. The melody is the star here however, as Thettu aims to convey a message “when I play the chorus on my guitar, I hear the words: morning, noon and day and night, everything’s gonna be alright, As Long as It’s You.“ I wanted to write a song that celebrates the daily interactions with our favorite people in life, with our loved ones that make every day memorable leaving a lasting an impression for a lifetime.“

Gabriel Mark Hasselbach – "SunSeeker" ft. Marion Meadows - Windtunnel Records

Gabriel Mark Hasselbach has mad skills across the jazz spectrum, with his signature flugelhorn, flute and trumpet sound. He is his most prolific and inspired in the contemporary jazz field, earning him 11 Billboard hits so far. “SunSeeker” is his first release since his 2022 Jazz Awards Nominated Album of the Year ‘Tongue & Groove’ which spawned three singles and brought him his latest chart action. “SunSeeker” is the soundtrack to a top-down trip to the beach, a private jet to Cannes, or a cruise to Hawaii and Marion Meadows’ soprano sax adds the salt on the rim of a poolside musical margarita!

Kenny Rocket - "Cool Giant" – Morris Music

Lifelong guitarist Kenny Rocket, born and raised in Detroit, MI, sets his sights upon reigniting the optimism and soulful embrace of uplifting smooth Jazz, with his intoxicating and joyous new single ‘Cool Giant’. Featuring a fully loaded production of keys, live horns, bass, strings and live drums, ‘Cool Giant’ follows the guitarist extraordinaire through an enchanting performance that’s as melodically distinct as it is skillful. Kenny masters the space with humility and purpose, lifting the mood and in the process showcasing his masterful guitar abilities at the forefront of a euphoric, summer-ready soundscape. Kenny’s eclectic repertoire of favorites has resulted in a uniquely compelling, colorful, and timeless original style, allowing the soulful jazz groove of ‘Cool Giant’ to hit the scene with a memorable balancing of nostalgia and outright creative flair.

Brian Bromberg – "Last Day of Summer" ft. Everette Harp – Mack Avenue

Guided by the music, Brian Bromberg crafts a spirited new set of contemporary jazz tunes that foreground vibe and soulfulness rather than aggressive virtuosity. The Magic of Moonlight is an apt title for this evocative piece of work which is deeply imbued with the shadow-cloaked mystery and twilight romance of an evening under the full moon. Though few instrumentalists could combine spellbinding musicianship with entrancing songcraft quite like Bromberg, The Magic of Moonlight and “Last Day of Summer” (feat. saxophonist Everette Harp) is another left-field surprise in a discography full of them. “It’s impossible for me to make the same record twice,” Bromberg shrugs. “I like to surprise people. The music comes first.”

Tanya Nolan – "Like Water" – ArtsessionZ

With summer on the way, we can use a smooth slow jam for those upcoming warm and hot days as well as sultry nights. Galveston, Texas native Tanya Nolan brings us her new single that could contribute to the summertime soundtrack, “Like Water”. As on her previous R&B hit, “Pace Yourself,” Tanya teams up with soul vet Raheem DeVaughn in the songwriting department for “Like Water.” The tune starts with the chorus with Ms. Nolan telling her lover, “Don’t let mama wait too long…” while giving the legendary Sade a shout out. The musical flow is soft, smooth and slow with a lush string arrangement as well as well-placed rain sounds – a Quiet Storm groove meets ASMR. Tanya’s voice is sweet and supple, nice and light, without “over-souling.” The backing vocals support Ms. Nolan’s lead nicely. “Like Water” flows like a calm river or ocean waves on a warm day or cool evening.

Walter Beasley - "Funk Foot" – Affable Records

“Funk Foot,” featuring Phil Davis, is a studio recording based on a live performance by Grover Washington Jr. in the late 1970’s. Despite being lesser-known, this song offers a smooth and powerful interpretation in its delivery. We sincerely hope you enjoy it and express our gratitude for your support.”

Steve Cole - "One, Two!" – Mack Avenue

Steve Cole’s exhilarating new album, Without a Doubt, his first outing with producer and songwriter partner Adam Hawley, finds Cole taking the opportunity of this fresh start to approach his music with the open mind of a beginner and the confidence of a veteran at the top of his game. Without a Doubt is a breezy affair that packs a high-energy punch. The album is chock full of memorable melodies that could be easily retooled as hits for the likes of the Commodores or Earth, Wind & Fire. In a sense , that brings Cole full circle to some of his earliest musical experiences. Cole’s longtime producer David Mann also returns, adding horn arrangements and reeds to “C’mon Y’all” and “One, Two!”

J. Staton - "Weekend" - Next Paradigm

Next Paradigm Music is excited to announce the latest signed member, saxophonist J Staton With his DEBUT label single “Weekend”. This tasteful composition full of groove and edge was written and produced by the hitmaker Jacob Webb! Having given many years to the C-jazz space, Staton has a dynamic presence and sound that only the elite possess. While there’s an undeniable smoothness to his rhythmic flow, his delivery is hard-hitting with a powerful sound, creating a certain level of intensity and poise in his overall compositions. When he dabbles in the realm of Jazz, the satisfying grace of his smooth style and delivery is even more pronounced. He draws immense satisfaction in encapsulating his thoughts and ideas into this creative medium. J is buoyed by a desire to stand out from the rest and music has helped him enhance his own being with works that are honest to him and entertaining to listeners.

Shaun LaBelle - "Your Love Kept Calling My Name" ft. Maysa, Stokley, Jeff Lorber and Patrick Lamb - Naggy/Sony Music

Shaun LaBelle’s new single, “Your Love Kept Calling My Name” is a sexy, soulful jazz ballad that features music giants, Shaun’s close friends, Maysa, Jeff Lorber, Patrick Lamb and Maurizio Metalli. Once again, this ballad is anchored by Shaun LaBelle’s soulful yet funky synthesizer bass and bass guitar chops that make the melodic hook lines and groove undeniable, which will leave you wanting more! This captivating single has been the catalyst for a remarkable collaboration between Shaun LaBelle and Maysa.

James 'PJ' Spraggins - "Metamorphosis" ft. Phil Davis - Independent

Drummer/producer James ‘PJ’ Spraggins has teamed up with longtime friend & Grammy winning producer/keyboardist Phil Davis to release the hypnotically funky single “Metamorphosis”!  PJ’s solid songwriting and production combined with a soulful synth solo by Phil Davis create an amazingly satisfying listening experience. “Metamorphosis” follows PJ’s 2023 album release “Stick It Out”, which was featured on SiriusXM’s Dave Koz Lounge in November of 2023.