Michael Silverman & Eric Marienthal - "Clearwater" - Autumn Hill Records

The most streamed pianist in the world teams up with multi-Grammy winning sax player are back on the road and have recorded music inspired by one of their favorite cities in the new single “Clearwater,” on Autumn Hill Records. “We will never again take for granted our freedom to travel and play music. After the year we went through, it is the greatest joy to be back on the road and back on stage performing for real, live human beings,” says pianist Michael Silverman. After performing with saxman Eric Marienthal at the Clearwater Jazz Holiday Annual Festival, it was so magical that they named their latest single after the city on the Florida coastline. And it’s easy to hear the joy in the melody and groove of this new tune! The track also features Michael’s brother, drummer Rob Silverman, who has become one of the most streamed drummers in the world, legendary bassist John Patitucci, and percussionist Casey Adams.

Under The Lake - "7AM Flight Home" - Mind In Overdrive

It’s clear why Under The Lake is considered “…possibly the next best thing since Spyro Gyra…” with their newest mix of “..slick and polished smooth jazz/funk with a soulful undertow.” Old Friends, New Grooves combines funk, soul and jazz influences into a muscular, energetic bundle of smooth jazz across 11 all-new, original tracks. Already over 150K streams globally! Personnel – Jayson Tipp – Keyboards, Nathan Brown – Bass Guitar, Richard Sellers – Drums, Patrick Yandall – Guitars, Quintin Gerard W. – Sax and Flute. “Kudos to Under The Lake for making such a listenable album top to bottom… Fantastic musicianship, melodic compositions that push the envelope just the right amount, and a production quality that makes you want to listen over and over.” – Dave Koz, Saxophonist

Merlon Devine - "Vigor" ft. Freddie Fox - Devine Music Group

On the heels of his last single, Merlon Devine returns with “Vigor.” Intriguingly, the first thing you hear on “Vigor” – just before Devine’s trademark smoky emotional horn introduces the beautiful rhythmic melody, is the soulful, jangling rhythm guitar of Freddie Fox. If his vibe on rhythm and later electric sounds familiar, that just means you’ve been attuned to contemporary urban jazz these past few decades as Fox has added both sensual and explosive string excitement to projects by the likes of Lin Rountree, Cindy Bradley, Michael Lington and George Benson/Al Jarreau. Right off the bat, Devine and Fox create a stunning dual melodic fire on the hook over a funked up groove, surrounded by some old school soul effects and dreamy atmosphere.

Gregory Goodloe - "In Paradise" - Hip Jazz Records

“The title of my new recording “In Paradise” was purely inspired by the events of the pandemic during the last year and a half,” reflects Guitarist Gregory Goodloe “People and life itself became more important to me than ever. I learned that life is so fragile and delicate and how much people matter to one each other. I wanted to write a song that reflects on the beauty of life and the joy of experiencing it through music. The focus during the making of “In Paradise” was my concept of living life free of fear and sadness. I would imagine playing music on a sandy beach in front of a beautiful ocean surrounded with tropical trees and exotic plants and animals forgetting all worries and focusing on creating beautiful music that everyone can enjoy. On November 5, 2021, J.A.C. Music LLC & Hip Jazz Records will release Gregory Goodloe’s single “In Paradise” the smooth & soulful melody of Goodloe and Canady’s collaboration is sure to get you off of your feet, start a line dance and everyone can join in and enjoy its groove.

Nelson Garcia - "Rejoice" - Next Paradigm

Connecticut based saxophonist Nelson Garcia is back with another hit single “Rejoice” produced by “The A Team”, another Jacob Web and Judah Sealy collaboration. This 4 on the floor dance groove showcases a perfect fuse between the melodic saxophone tone of Nelson Garcia and the ever so tasty/ eloquent production of Jacob Webb and Judah Sealy! “Rejoice” will most certainly keep the listeners on the edge of their seat until the end! We hope that you sincerely add this song to your Fall 2021 collection of music. Nelson Garcia is working on his DEBUT album on Next Paradigm Records set to be released Q1, 2022!

Reza Khan - "Neo Funk" - Painted Music

“Limitless” and “freewheeling” are the key concepts that captures the relentlessly grooving, perfectly titled “Neo Funk,” a soul-gripping, uplifting blast of punchy urban intensity featuring Khan jamming heavily with guest artists Miles Gilderdale of Acoustic Alchemy, Grammy nominated keyboardist, composer and producer Philippe Saisse and pianist, Matt King. Though Khan is a contemporary of these three and has long been a visionary artist and hit making composer, vibing with greats of this caliber is ultimately what has led Khan to up his game as a musician and rise to their level of innovation and greatness. The track begins with Khan’s brisk, breezy acoustic guitar taking the lead over a funky groove and interacting with simmering horns and Saisse’s bluesy keys. A minute and a half in, it quickly spins into a neo stratospheric rock-funk jam mode, with Gilderdale’s crackling monster electric guitar solo and a larger blast of horns raising the octane level. The hard driving rhythm and Saisse’s whimsical old schoolin’ synths continue as King pops in, dazzling to no end with a sparkling, highly improvisational piano solo. Gilderdale follows with an even more intense solo – letting us know that the “neo” in the title translates sharply to “rock-jazz fusion.”

Sam Sims - "Control of Me" - J Nile Entertainment

Sam Sims’ 2nd release and an original composition is inspired by a culmination of Hip Hop and Jazz. The title “Control of Me” addresses staying committed to and focused on one’s own journey in times that are full of chaos, and in a world that appears to have loss all control. Sam Sims has been a staple in Rhythm and Blues, Pop, Rock and Jazz for over 30 years. Throughout his career he has worked with musical giants including Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, Mariah Carey, Justin Timberlake, Michael McDonald, Utada Hikaru, k.d. lang, Rob Halford, Backstreet Boys, Bette Midler, Whitney Houston, George Duke, Dave Koz, Patrice Rushin, Boney James, Jody Watley, Maxwell and more. Sam Sims is known for being one of the most versatile bassists in the industry!

Bob Ivory - "Buried Treasure" - Bob Ivory Music

The Bob Ivory single “Buried Treasure” gets the job done with a silky-smooth vocal performance over a mellow rhythmic track filled with a simplistic yet intelligent array of vocal harmonies. Laced with inspiring, thought proving lyrics, his signature sound embellished with subtle saxophone overtures makes Buried Treasure an emotionally uplifting and stylish favorite to the palette of smooth jazz enthusiasts.

Walter Kittle - "She Fire" - WKM

Florida bassist and emerging contemporary jazz artist, Walter Kittle follows up his acclaimed debut album Full Circle with Jazz by the Sea – a soulful and eclectic five track EP that celebrates the joys of romance and the natural beauty of life in his new home in west central Florida. Kittle offers a range of sounds unique to the urban jazz genre via a variety of instruments, including piccolo bass, five string bass, MIDI synthesizer bass, fretless bass and his custom 8-string bass – an axe he calls “an extended range bass,” which allows him to modulate to sound like a jazz guitar. Kittle wrote the opening track “She Fire,” featuring the funky sax of Nick Stone, when he was dating his now wife Robin, as an ode to her red hair and vibrant personality. The tracks on Kittle’s upcoming EP, Jazz by the Sea are produced by renowned multi-instrumentalist and producer Nate Harasim. The contagious collection offers an eclectic mix of songs full of cool mood swings, dreamy atmospheres, funky hooks and vibes and exciting jazzy solos.