Doug Jones - "New Situation" - Doug Jones Music

“New Situation”, the new single from Doug Jones’ Tonight CD, is a collaboration with Producer / Songwriter / Keyboardist Chris “Big Dog” Davis. This is the first time Doug has worked with Chris Davis. The upbeat, funky track features Doug Jones on Flutes and Saxophones and Chris Davis on keyboards and programming. Doug Jones is a longtime East Coast musician performing throughout New England as well as South America. Chris “Big Dog” Davis is a two time Grammy nominated writer and producer working with Maysa, Gerald Albright, Najee and others.

Le Sonic feat. Robert Lee - “Any Moment” - Generic / Orchard

Le Sonic is Mike Rogers & Gary Lefkowith a production team built on a foundation of musical creativity and modern technology the new single, “Any Moment” features Robert Lee aka Bobby Balderrama with special guests: Dennis Collins, Jim Hynes, & Frank Rodriguez. “Any Moment” is that spark of creativity in jazz improvisation, or any true art form, that is spontaneous and naturally intersects with the highest level of spirituality. Always a cosmic puzzle as to how it occurs, but the hope is that the following moment, can benefit all of woman and mankind.

Ernest Quarles - "On Ramp" - EQsTunes Records

On Ramp is the first single to be released from Ernest Quarles’ sophomore project “The Phoenix”.  It is the perfect driving song, making you wish that you were in a convertible sports car cruising on a summer day with an ocean view.  The lead guitar melody is refreshingly spacious and ethereal, leaving room for the rhythm guitar, bass, and drums to drive the song forward.  The guitar solo comes in early over a subdued groove, starting out mellow and then gaining energy as it accelerates, culminating into a handoff to the saxophone that feels like a cannon blast driving the song to the last chorus and verse.  On Ramp is the first, and one of the strongest tracks on the album and we think that it is a great introduction to the other great tracks that follow.

Rhythm Tribe - "Goodnight" - VRL Muzic

The song, written by Mason along with Thomas tells a story of care.  It presents the challenge of comforting someone who has lost a loved one. “Goodnight” is led by the haunting vocal and guitar of Mason Guzman-Sanchez with background vocals and keyboard by Brisa, backed up by the seductive guitar of Thomas Guzman-Sanchez and the solid Latin modern Bolero/Bachata was laid down by hybrid drummer, Esau Garcia.  This group’s powerful rhythmic statement is rooted in over 100 years of their family’s musical legacy. The band applied the old recording technique of playing together live in the studio. This allowed them to create something special that they now are sharing with the world. The music video is being released on 8/23. Personnel: Brisa Guzman-Sanchez – Vox / Keys, Mason Guzman-Sanchez – Vox / Guitar, Thomas Guzman-Sanchez – Guitar / Bass, Esau Garcia – Hybrid Drums / Percussion

William Prince - "Mainstream" - WM Prince Music

Contemporary Saxophonist, William Prince teams up with Billboard charting Saxophonist/Producer – Judah Sealy to create this hot new groove. World renowned Bassist – Daric Bennett adds the perfect jolt to the low end while his brother Levi Bennett makes you want to move with the jumping tempo. Guitarist Deepak Thettu adds just the right amount of spice to make the track sing. William takes the listener on a journey mixed with smooth jazz and a refreshing burst of funk. Feel the love and passion in each note played by William throughout the memorable hook, verses and especially the solo section. Enjoy the fresh new sound of “MAINSTREAM”.

Sonny Emory - "Baby Fingers" - EMG Music

“Baby Fingers” is a catchy, melodic tune that has an uplifting groove and undeniable musical hook. It features the world renowned, Patrice Rushen, piano solo, hence the name “Baby Fingers”. Also appearing on the track is stellar rhythm section, Sonny Emory on drums, Ronnie Garrett on bass and Vance Taylor on keys. This is the lead off single from Sonny’s upcoming solo release, Soul Ascension.

Alex Parchment - "Masterpiece" - Next Paradigm

Alex Parchment has proven to be one of the top young trumpeters in contemporary jazz, coming off a #1 hit and two top 25 billboard singles respectively! This time around Alex has brought the complete “A TEAM” with Jacob Webb (writer), Judah Sealy (producer) and Adam Hawley (guitars) teaming up on a fresh new production and composition entitled “Masterpiece”. This song embodies the true essence of creating and collaborating music at its finest. “Masterpiece” is the perfect summer Jam of 2021! Meanwhile, the Washington, DC based Trumpeter is currently putting the final touches on his sophomore album on Next Paradigm Records.

Charley Langer - "Reconnection" - UDOI Music

The appropriate and timely title of saxophonist Charley Langer’s lively, infectiously grooving new collaboration with guitarist/producer Nils – between the mandated quarantine and all that has defined the year of the pandemic – we’ve all been craving “Reconnection” for a long time. We’ve longed for reconnection with loved ones, our former social lives, our cherished activities, and day-to-day realities we now no longer take for granted. For Charley, the concept of “Reconnection” goes deeper. The recent tragedy in his hometown of Boulder led him to profoundly reconnect with childhood friends, classmates, teachers, neighbors, and others that shaped his life. “Who would have thought that love would overcome hate and that light would obliterate darkness?” The track’s uplifting, sassy sparkle, with its vibrant horn texture, especially that intensely emotional moment where Charley fires up a wild improvisation, combine to create a forward-thinking mood that can help us transcend the darkness and uncertainty and embrace the proverbial impending light at the end of the tunnel. So, as you enjoy the title song to his upcoming new album Reconnection, be thinking of those silver linings and, if so inclined, take some time to reconnect with family and friends, reconnect with music and art, and with one’s own self.

William Green - "Street Preacher" - Magic Dream Music

International Recording Artist & Keyboardist/Vocalist William Green has released his fifth album, The Power In You. “I created/wrote the song, “The Power In You” before this racial pandemic showed its ugly head in 2020. It became clear to me as I observed Colin Kaepernick use his identity and social media platforms to bring attention to what we as a country are challenged with. I felt that there needed to be a piece of musical art that would also illuminate the real and true virus that has killed way more than 500,000 people,” says Green. “This song was written to empower all people of all races, religion, political affiliation, and sexual gender to be mindful that change for the good of mankind can and should be attainable with the power that we as human beings have.” As a full-time musician, composer, songwriter, producer, and radio personality, Green is passionate about his music, and he puts his heart and soul into his performances. He delivers funky, upbeat, soulful, and contemporary jazz sounds. He possesses one of those rare, “instant classic” voices — forceful, yet gentle.

Mo'Horns - "Unity" ft. Dennis Chambers and Jae Deal - DMJ Records

Mo’Horns began in 1991 when Marvin Thompson and James Cheeks first met on a live recording during John P. Kee’s VIP Convention in Washington, D. C. Many musical engagements followed as Marvin and James collaborated with renowned musical director Steve Lawrence. After creating horn arrangements for several artists and multi-media outlets, Marvin and James formed what is now Mo’Horns. The band consists of members, Marvin Thompson (trombone), James Cheeks (saxophones), and Theljon Allen (trumpet). Mo’Horns are voting members of the Recording Academy, and also appear on several Grammy nominated and winning projects. Mo’Horns recently appeared on TBN’s “K Love Fan Awards,” performing with Dante Bowe. They also appeared on TV One’s “Urban Honors Awards 2020”. Mo’Horns appeared on the soundtrack for the feature film entitled, “The High Note”, starring Tracey Ellis Ross. Other Mo’Horns performances include The Tonight Show (Jay Leno) and the Dave Letterman Show.