Saxl Rose - "Alone With You" - Next Paradigm

Introducing Saxl Rose, the newest signed member of Next Paradigm Records! Saxl is bringing the heat with his debut single “Alone With You”. Rose’s new composition embodies all the ingredients of an iconic hit – a sweet groove, a sweet melody, and top tier production from Next Paradigm Studios. This composition is a sure Winner! Washington D.C. based Saxophonist Saxl Rose can be heard all over the world performing with high profile rap/pop/rnb artists such as Whiz Khalifa, Paramore, Chris Brown, and many others. Saxl Rose’s goal is to be one of the essential bridges that brings a younger generation of listeners and artists to the genre of contemporary jazz to keep it moving forward! We hope that you sincerely add “Alone With You” to your Q1 2024 rotation.

Belton Mouras Jr - "Under My Skin" - Belton Mouras Entertainment

“Under My Skin”, the latest single from composer, pianist and producer Belton Mouras, Jr. is a love song between two people from totally different lifestyles and backgrounds. It’s a modern day Romeo and Juliet story about a hip hop guy who meets this jazzy lady and they both express just how they feel about each other through their music. A little rap from him and a little jazz inspiration from her (with thanks to superstar smooth jazz flutist Althea Rene), and they end up falling for one another. That’s Under My Skin! Since the launch in late 2023 of his new company, Belton Mouras Entertainment, two new songs have been released and entered the top 100 Smooth Jazz Radio Charts.

Maysa - "Spirit 222" - Blue Velvet Soul Records

Fueled by inspiration from the legendary George Benson’s 2009 sonic masterpiece, Living in High Definition, Maysa and her longtime producer, Chris “Big Dog” Davis, created a musical story titled, “Spirit 222”, expressing the idea that we are all connected by THE SOURCE: LOVE and if we all truly led with love, our world could be a heaven on earth. When the time came to decide who would be featured on “Spirit 222”, Maysa instantly knew that master musicians, guitarist Chieli Minucci (Special EFX) and percussionist Thomas Dyani Akuru (Incognito, Shakira, The Lion King), would be perfect to carry the song to the highest of heights. The musical arrangement of “Spirit 222” perfectly complements the introspective nature of the lyrics. The smooth jazz instrumentation, including gentle piano chords, soulful guitar solos, and powerful percussion, creates a soothing and contemplative ambiance. The interplay between Maysa’s vocals and the instrumental sections adds depth and dimension to the song, creating a lush sonic landscape. The essence of Maysa’s 8th track “Spirit 222”, from her highly acclaimed 19 song double album, Music For Your Soul, captures the quintessential vibe that Smooth Jazz Lovers cherish, prompting a nostalgic reminder of the genre’s core appeal.

Phylicia Rae - "Right On Time" ft. Jazmin Ghent - Next Paradigm

MORE HISTORY HAS BEEN MADE! Phylicia Rae is the first female lead bassist to ever reach #1 on Billboard, Mediabase, and Smooth Jazz Network’s “Smooth Jazz National Airplay” charts which is a milestone no other female lead bassist has ever accomplished. Now she is raising the bar even further with her song “Right On Time” featuring Jazmin Ghent! The combination of Phylicia’s silky sweet tone, Jazmin Ghent’s inviting melodic feel, and Jacob Webb’s writing makes this song a MUST ADD! Phylicia has emerged as one of the premiere bassist in the C-Jazz space as she is excited to share this new single full of good vibes and bright energy.

Kayla Waters – "Waterkisses" – Shanachie

Kayla Waters’ label debut, Presence, is a moving collection of deeply personal originals inspired by her faith and nature. “I love painting musical portraits with my music and my titles reflect the musical content of each piece. As a nature lover, I’m drawn to the beauty of the earth, it’s elements and fuse that into my writing.” If water is the source of life and a touchstone for renewal, Kayla provides ample inspiration with her jubilant and free flowing beauty “Waterkisses,” produced by Chris “Big Dog” Davis. The full ten-track excursion on Presence, shines a light on Kayla’s elegant and feathery touch, judicious use of space and dynamics, thoughtful phrasing and dazzling harmonic subtleties. Virtually all the producing, programming and production on the album was done by Kayla and her dad, Kim Waters. Danny Weiss, VP of Jazz A&R at Shanachie Entertainment, says, “Life is beautiful when you listen to Kayla’s music. You’re enveloped in a world of warmth, positivity, and beauty, and if you’re lucky enough to meet her, you’ll understand why!”

Chris Wintrip – “Stellar” – WKM

“Stellar” was composed by Chris Wintrip and pianist Kevin DiSimone and is an up lifting ‘fun feeling’ tune with a lot of sparkle. Also featured on this song is his son Christopher Wintrip Jr. on drums, Warren Henry on bass, Dan Porter on keys and Robert Esterle on sax. “My passion and inspiration for my music comes from my family and my Wife Kelly Wintrip. This Journey after several years doing concerts as a Rock & Blues Artist, music teacher and studio musician has taken me to this new and exciting music endeavor.” Chris Wintrip is a guitarist, vocalist, composer, vocalist, instructor and recording artist with over 48 years’ experience in the business.  He has performed with Joe Walsh, Frampton’s Camel, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Roger McGuinn, Harry Chapin, Peter Frampton, Climax Blues Band, was honored in the Rock Hall of Fame exhibit “My Town with 1970’s Prog Band Brimstone” with LP “Paper Winged Dreams.”

Deepak Thettu – "The Introduction" - Sodara Music

There’s nothing like the excitement and promise of a new start, the feeling of a fresh beginning, the inspiration to reach new goals, and the pursuit of joy and fun. All are captured in Deepak Thettu’s new single, “The Introduction”, which brings a contagious swagger that is destined to make you get up and dance. Through its vibrant interplay of guitar and saxophone, pulsating basslines, funky drums and keyboards, “The Introduction” creates a mood that is exciting for the listener. In Thettu’s own words, “I wanted to write a song that reinvigorates the soul and helps make you believe that all things are possible. I hope everyone will get to know me and feel the love I have for music through my guitar and “The Introduction.”

Santana – "Let the Guitar Play" - Candid Records

Legendary guitarist Carlos Santana releases “Let The Guitar Play,” a reimagination of his 2021 song “Song for Cindy.” Teaming up with producer’s Lino Nicolosi, Nicolosi Team, and Narada Michael Walden (Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey), “Let The Guitar Play” brings the original song to new heights, Run DMC’s Darryl McDaniels delivers a poetic rap over an EDM-style drumbeat, serving as a dynamic catalyst for Santana to intricately weave his signature guitar magic. The release features three distinct remixes—The Radio Version, The Soul Radio Version, and The 70’s Version—each showcasing Santana’s commitment to pushing musical boundaries and extending his legacy to captivate a fresh generation of listeners. As reflected in the music, Santana’s work continues to be a beacon of positivity. His mission of healing the planet and touching people’s hearts through art reinforces Santana’s legacy as an artist committed to spreading positive messages and making a lasting impact on the world.

Phillip "Doc" Martin - "Doc's Delight" - Next Paradigm

#1 Billboard saxophonist Phillip “Doc” Martin is back with his newest single “Doc’s Delight”. This song has quite a clever melodic touch while adding rhythmic flavor, creating an enjoyable listening experience. Having given over 20 plus years to the Music and Dentistry spectrums, Martin has mastered the art of perfecting multiple avenues at the most elite level. With an impressive music catalogue under his belt, The Doc is back with his sweet gentle timbre and groovin’ feel. “Doc’s Delight” was written and produced by multi #1 hit maker and label owner Jacob Webb! This enjoyable composition will most certainly keep the listeners on the edge of their seat until the end!

Hubert Eaves lll – “Round Midnight” ft. Lamont O’Neil & Phylisha Mitchell - Droppings LLC

Round Midnight,” Hubert’s first single from his forthcoming album Drops, is a smooth jazz classic by the legendary genius Thelonious Monk. Hubert is a keyboardist, writer, arranger, and the producer of this classic gem. Hubert’s interpretation is garnering rave reviews, as he has taken the liberty of taking the song in a whole new Smooth Funky Jazz direction. Hubert was able to get the blessings of TS Monk, Thelonious’ son who said, “Thelonious loved to hear other’s interpretations of his music, and yours is really different and truly modern. It’s often said Monk’s music is timeless, and your version of “Round Midnight” is a perfect example, knock yourself out!” Hubert also focuses on his ability to bring in just the right vocalists to make his interpretation of the song so extraordinary. But you can also hear him tastefully filling in his keyboard fills, and harmonic creative musicianship, to enhance the whole musical conversation bringing it all together without forcing the issue to create this masterpiece.