Lori Williams - "Sailing On A Dream" - Lori Jazz

Lori Williams is moving smoothly in the right direction with her latest sexy single – “Sailing on a Dream” – originally covered and co-written by crooner Will Downing. The vocal contrasts between the baritone Downing and alto Williams is well worth a listen. Close your eyes and go for a long sail! “She’s got a soft-edged, creamy voice that’s a natural vehicle for introspection, but also one that you could happily curl up and get lost in. It’s stunning, supple subtle, sumptuous, soulful music – let’s call that the five Ss of Lori Williams, shall we?” Michael J. West – The Washington City

Doug Jones - "Back On Redwood" - Doug Jones Music

The new track from saxophonist Doug Jones is an up-tempo composition featuring Saxophone and Guitar. The song was written, arranged and produced by Doug Jones. With the drum groove and horn section, this song has a Motown vibe to it. Ron Jackson from The Smooth Jazz Ride writes: “Back On Redwood”, you need and will want to take the time to absorb all of this one.”

Reza Khan - "Gathering" ft. Jeff Kashiwa & Philippe Saisse - Painted Media

“The Gathering”, the second radio single from Next Train Home features Khan’s jazzy guitar, strolling along in smooth step with a silky sax line by Jeff Kashiwa – until Philippe Saisse pops in with a brash synth crash sound and the tune revs up the funk and offers space to Matt King for one of his trademark piano solo jams. The result is ultra-infectious and melodic, and still quite radio friendly – music that draws listeners in and keeps them there throughout the journey.


“I believe my music has evolved tremendously over the past few years. My favorite aspect of Next Train Home was how organically everything happened, from my original melodies written in African hotels to the natural flow that happened in the studio when we were tracking live, with no overdubs. The album captures and preserves the musicianship and interactions as we lived them in the moment. It reflects some of the greatest musicians in the world having fun, and when you’re having fun, everything sounds good.”

Tony Saunders - "Rock Steady" - SF Records

The title of Tony Saunders’ latest single, a fiery and jamming, funked up spin through The Whispers’ late 80’s #1 R&B smash “Rock Steady,” perfectly captures the non-stop cool and energetic flow of his multi-faceted career. The multi-talented two-time Emmy Award winning bassist, composer, arranger and producer (and son of legendary Bay Area keyboardist Merl Saunders), has conquered the worlds of jazz, gospel, R&B, pop and world music. Produced and arranged by Magic for Magic Muzik Productions, the track – the lead single from Saunders’ upcoming album Sexy Somethin – grooves buoyantly from start to finish, his lively lead bass melody interacting with old school synth flashes, sizzling horn textures and bubbly voices (by Magic and Harmony) reminding us that Babyface and L.A. Reid wrote some killer hooks back in the day. In addition to Saunders’ own tasty soloing, the track features the crisp, rockin’ energy of smooth jazz superstar Nils’ electric guitar.

Alex Parchment - "It's Real" - Next Paradigm Music

Next Paradigm Records is thrilled to introduce Washington D.C. based trumpeter Alex Parchment with his debut smash hit single “It’s Real”. Alex has teamed up with multi #1 Billboard making producer, keyboardist, and bassist Jacob Webb with this hot track. The single showcases Alex’s mastery as a premier trumpeter and virtuoso in the contemporary jazz world with his rich and warm tonality. Alex has collaborated with some of the most grounded musicians on the east coast including Stantawn Kendrick on saxophones, Jacob Webb on keys and bass, Sonny Dumarsais on Guitar, and Kevin Bowden on drums. This foot-tapping, head bopping new composition will keep the listener on the edge of their seat  until the end!

Reggie Codrington - "Sunny Skies" - MANDATE Records

Sunny Skies is an encouraging brisk and uptempo collaboration produced by international recording artist Darryl Williams and also features Reggie’s dad, veteran Jazz trumpeter Ray Codrington. This energetic number was mixed by world renowned saxophonist Euge Groove and embodies all the flavors of a smooth jazz chart-topping hit! Reggie Codrington and Darryl Williams prove to be the perfect pairing for this infectious funky groove colored with warm melodious riffs that stir the emotions with its invigorating drive in tempo that gives the listener something to ride to and sets the mood for hopeful days ahead.

Groove Frequencies - "The Beauty of Love" - BTwoJ Music

The music of Groove Frequencies continues winning over the hearts of smooth jazz music lovers with a soulful sound. The music is quickly earning the admiration and affection of smooth jazz enthusiasts worldwide. Since the release of Imagine This, the first Billboard charting single from the sophomore self-titled CD Groove Frequencies, collaboration continues with new guest artists for the much anticipated third CD Back To The Groove written and produced by John Stewart. With the addition of a few new guest artists and some familiar names from past recordings, you can bet there are some pleasant surprises in store. Although the music of Groove Frequencies is still fairly new to the smooth jazz scene, John Stewart has no plans of slowing down with such great fan and Smooth Jazz Radio support!

The Groove Project - "Pilot" - Narked Records

Narked Records is proud to announce the release of “Pilot”, the first single by The Groove Project. The current lineup of the musical group, fronted by Grammy® Award nominated Artist, Producer and Songwriter Arun Shenoy also includes acclaimed producer Matthew Shell, pianist Lonnie Park, saxophonist Marcus Mitchell and 4 other instrumentalists. Working on a concept album about man’s fascination with flight, the inspiration for the debut single, “Pilot” comes from the popular quote by author and speaker Michael Althusser: “The bad news is time flies. The good news is you’re the Pilot.” On this new record, produced by Matthew Shell & Arun Shenoy, the group has chosen to take a production direction leaning more towards the Smooth Jazz style, with each member of the group bringing a unique perspective to the music to craft a sound that is fresh and groovy, with a healthy dose of sunshine.

KEA - Not My Friend - Music By Kea

When you first hear KEA (Kea Michaels), be prepared to experience an emotionally charged performance and being wrapped in her smoky and soulful storytelling vocals. Kea’s mission is to change the lives of everyone who hears her smooth and classic voice by conveying a sense of hope in disturbing times. Kea’s music reflects life experiences which render a style of bold edginess. Her ability to be versatile is reflected whether she delivers a passionate spoken word performance or an emotional love ballad. Kea is building a base of faithful listeners who provide her with the inspiration she needs to create more soul stirring music and write thought-provoking poetry. Kea has this incredible technique of bringing her music, band and the audience together for a surprising yet delightful love relationship that stirs the senses; moves the body and satisfies the soul of each and every listener.

ThreeStyle ft. Magdalena Chovancova & Robert Fertl - "Good News" - WLM Records

Magdalena Chovancova (sax, flute, keyboards), and Robert Fertl (guitar, bass, drum programming) are the Munich based group Threestyle. Their new album, their 5th together, Reasons 2 Love has been keeping radio busy for quite some time and now they’re releasing a third cut called “Good News”. Guest musicians include James L. Manning, Bryant Siono, Sekou Bunch, Cecil Thomas (bass), Jeffrey Freeman, Lew Laing, Bill Meyers (keyboards), Christopher Troy (keyboards and vocals), Latonya Black, Tim Owens (vocals), Gabriela Chovancoa, Munyungo Jackson (percussion), Paul Brown (guitar), Michael Ripoll (bass, rhythm guitar), Frank Josephs, DeYou Dobsons (drums).

The constant collaboration with world-class artists shows in the playful progress of the group as already heard from Ready To Go. The musical idiom, the excellent arrangement and the playful ideas are of remarkable height. “Good News” spreads faster. So does this fine tune.

ThreeStyle’s new album is armed with comprehensive melodies making this project a captivating winner. An incentive for any music lover to finally discover this group.