Reza Khan – "Imaginary Road" – Painted Media

Khan poetically and philosophically describes the lilting yet sparkling, uber-melodic, easy grooving light funk title track “Imaginary Road” as “a journey open to limitless imaginary landscapes to shape our future from the canvas we leave behind.” Contemplating those bold words, we can embrace his graceful rhythmic acoustic guitar as it weaves over Philippe Saisse’s subtle old school synth whimsy. Reflecting not only the momentum of Khan’s career and musical evolution but our own resolve as we break through to more expansive emotional and spiritual horizons, the road takes a dynamic turn into a true drive time jam, elevated by Matt King’s wild piano magic, richly detailed sound scaping, David Mann’s unbridled sax and even a swelling choir of wordless vocals in the outro.

Rhythm Tribe – "Movin On" - VRLMUZIC

This duet between Mason and Brisa is an intense driving Latin samba groove that demonstrates the support and understanding between a brother and a sister. It tells about a toxic relationship that he is in, and his sister supports his decision to move on. Written by Mason along with Brisa and Thomas, it echos the importance of family support and understanding. The track is driven by a powerful lead guitar and laced with Latin funk horn lines. “Movin On” features a lead vocal duet over the smooth upbeat groove by hybrid drummer, Esau Garcia. All the players bring a piece of their own artistry to this creative collaboration. The “Movin On” music video is releasing on 3/28 and features Mason and Brisa driving cross-country on a brother-sister road trip, skydiving and performing live. Personnel: Brisa Guzman-Sanchez – Vox / Keys, Mason Guzman-Sanchez – Vox / Guitar, Thomas Guzman-Sanchez – Guitar / Bass, Esau Garcia – Hybrid Drums / Percussion

Tony Galbreath – "Keep Thriving" – Independent

This is a song that can stimulate your mind and body to enable you to face anything that comes your way! The song opens with a catchy melody on keyboards with a funky groove underneath along with haunting electric guitar colorings. A synthesizer lead line drops the song off into a verse with a half time feel, letting the saxophone take over with a soulful melody containing peeks, valleys, and leading back into the hook of the song with the sax riding on top. The 2nd verse continues soulfully with a short interlude with the synthesizer first, another with the bass guitar, and drums building up to a drop off into a conversation between a sax section and solo sax. Solo sax restates the hook with the synthesizer and colorful orchestration while adding screaming altissimo notes in improvisation during the remainder of the song with a short riff before the song ends. The song presents a soulful melody and funky Groove that stimulates your mind and body preparing you for anything coming your way.

Mitchell Coleman Jr – "Glide" – The Sound of LA

Mitchell Coleman, Jr.’s blending of jazz, soul and funk has made him a favorite with music lovers around the world, and every time he issues a new song, we take notice. For his latest, Coleman takes on the Pleasure classic “Glide,” and gives the funk classic a fresh new feel. With producer Michael B. Sutton behind the boards, Coleman has created the kind of gem that will get all of his fans smiling, whether they want to dance at the club or just groove in their cars.

Adrian Crutchfield - "Know Your Heart" - QMG

Saxophonist Adrian Crutchfield has returned with his sensational new single, “Know Your Heart”; a perfect blend of classic romance with a modern groove to make you feel every beat of your heart! Adrian Crutchfield is known around the world for his neo- soul sound. His silky-smooth timbre creates music in a variety of genres such as jazz, funk, hip-hop, rock, and more. Known as the last horn-man to perform and record (2012-2016) with Prince and the New Power Generation; Adrian is featured on many of Prince’s final masterpieces including the 2017 Grammy Nominated Hit-N-Run Phase 2. Crutchfield has been featured with Brian Culbertson, Kim Waters, Mike Philips, Alex Bugnon, Jeff Lorber, and Branford Marsalis; and with legendary groups such as Fourplay and The Gap Band featuring Charlie Wilson.

Derwin Friday – "Dirty Mind" – Baby Brothers Entertainment

A powerful and innovative force in urban jazz for years with his Charlotte band 5th & York, veteran saxophonist Derwin Friday breaks out as a promising solo artist, pouring all his trademark emotion and passion into the instantly infectious, deeply soulful and sensual (and provocatively titled!) new single “Dirty Mind.” He and hit pop/R&B producer “Big Luke” Hodges create a formidable team that will no doubt be impacting urban jazz radio with major hits in the coming years!

Jim Allchin – "Happy" - Sandy Key Music

Jim Allchin is an American guitarist who has written, performed, and recorded throughout his life. His guitar playing has been critically acclaimed in the Blues genre and now his guitar playing shines even brighter with his new album: Costa Azul, which infuses contemporary jazz and contemporary Latin, in a smooth-jazz format. “Happy”, the first single from Costa Azul is all about positive vibes. In a world where you often hear bad or concerning news, “Happy” is the positive vibe song you need. Literally, the name of the song summarizes the feelings created. It’s just a cheerful, happy, and yet chill song. You’ll be rocking back and forth, smiling, and tapping your foot. “Happy” was written during one the worse spikes in the pandemic and is a positive antidote to negativity. The entire album is an uplifting, happy, energetic, and romantic album that will have you smiling and wanting to dance, love, and have fun. Let’s all get Happy!

Gabriel Mark Hasselbach – "Heading North" ft. Paul Brown – Windtunnel Records

“Heading North”, the second single from Gabriel Mark Hasselbach’s recent album Tongue & Groove, follows in the footsteps of his Billboard-charting track Chill@Will. It launches like a rocket on Mesa Bluemoon Recordings and features Gabriel’s recognizable and sassy flugelhorn, the honey-dripping guitar of Grammy winner Paul Brown, and a driving rhythm track from the multitalented Dan Seguin. “Heading North” looks to a kinder gentler place and the wide-open skies of the Land of a Thousand Lakes and takes the listener on a scenic and boisterous journey up North. This is a real post-covid road trip tune!

Freda Payne - "Just To Be With You" – The Sound of LA

The world is always sunnier and rosier when new music from the lovely ad legendary Freda Payne is in the air. Her brand-new single, “Just to Be with You,” is especially welcome as it returns the musically multi-faceted diva to the contemporary Quiet Storm/Smooth Jazz realm which she has not recorded in for many years. Ms. Payne’s most recent releases have been award-nominated traditional works in the realm of swingin’ straight ahead big band jazz. “Just to Be with You” is a modern love song that harkens back to her mid-`70s albums Out of Payne Comes Love and Payne & Pleasure with a smooth groovin’ pulse, electronic instrumentation and lyrics that are profoundly inspired.

Sonny Emory – "Car Guy" ft. Bobby Lyle – EMG

“CarGuy” is a bold and energetic smooth cut on Sonny Emory’s’ new release Soul Ascension. It is a catchy tune that features legendary pianist Bobby Lyle soloing on an infectious groove, laid down by stellar rhythm section, Sonny Emory (drums), Ronnie Garrett (bass), Vance Taylor (keyboards) and the legendary Lenny Castro (percussion).