On his sixth album as a leader, Future Memories (featuring the superlative bassist John Patitucci, Glenn Zaleski, Vitor Gonçalves, Daniel Dor & Andre Mehmari), Yotam Silberstein continues to offer up unequivocal proof that he has made an impact on the scene with his precision bebop lines and fleet-fingered improvisations. It is jazz under which Silberstein’s various musical argots are united and blended with other sources of inspiration that, from Andalusia to the Far East, imbue his music. Silberstein, ever forward-looking, took his music on many great voyages of distance, erudition, and immersion, into the music of Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Peru, Venezuela, and North Africa; developing real affinities with these cultures and traditions, to the point where they have been fully integrated into his own musical world.