International Recording Artist & Keyboardist/Vocalist William Green has released his fifth album, The Power In You. “I created/wrote the song, “The Power In You” before this racial pandemic showed its ugly head in 2020. It became clear to me as I observed Colin Kaepernick use his identity and social media platforms to bring attention to what we as a country are challenged with. I felt that there needed to be a piece of musical art that would also illuminate the real and true virus that has killed way more than 500,000 people,” says Green. “This song was written to empower all people of all races, religion, political affiliation, and sexual gender to be mindful that change for the good of mankind can and should be attainable with the power that we as human beings have.” As a full-time musician, composer, songwriter, producer, and radio personality, Green is passionate about his music, and he puts his heart and soul into his performances. He delivers funky, upbeat, soulful, and contemporary jazz sounds. He possesses one of those rare, “instant classic” voices — forceful, yet gentle.