The Verve Jazz Ensemble releases its first live album, The VJE: Very Live!. What luck! Recorded live in January 2020 – just before the pandemic shut down performances everywhere – The VJE: Very Live! captures the Verve Jazz Ensemble with its core quintet personnel smoking their way through their most popular charts, taken from the VJE’s 6 chart-topping studio albums. Hard bop, originals, swingers, Latin, and inventive, re-imagined standards…all on display, featuring the unmistakably classic VJE sound in this, the band’s first live release. High-energy, powerful, fun, and grooving from track to track, with Josh Feldstein (drums/leader), Jon Blanck (tenor), Tatum Greenblatt (trumpet), Steve Einerson (piano), and Chris DeAngelis (bass). The group’s 7th album is an entertaining mix of original compositions by various members, and both popular and lesser-known jazz classics. “One of our jobs is to find music that is fresh, with melodies we love, and blow the dust off it.”