It’s clear why Under The Lake is considered possibly the next best thing since Spyro Gyra with their newest mix of slick and polished smooth jazz/funk with a soulful undertow Old Friends, New Grooves combines funk, soul and jazz influences into a muscular, energetic bundle of smooth jazz. Hot on the heels of their 2020 Smooth jazz release “Your Horizon Too”, the band tells their COVID story through 11 all new, original tracks. Bassist Nathan Brown, drummer Richard Sellers, guitarist Patrick Yandall and sax player Quintin Gerard W. join keyboardist / composer Jayson Tipp again for this effort. “Kudos to Under The Lake for making such a listenable album top tobottom…Fantastic musicianship, melodic compositions that push the envelope just the right amount, and a production quality that makes you want to listen over and over.” ~Dave Koz Saxophonist