Hot on the heels of his chart-topping hits “Rock Steady” and “Tony’s Romance”, Tony Saunders releases his 3rd single, “Chasing the Dream” from Sexy Somethin. Saunders fuses the fluid, melodic side of his electric bass guitar artistry with a hook straight out of urban jazz heaven. That chorus pairs the super soulful sax of emerging star Jeff Ryan with Saunders’ buoyant bass along with Gail Jhonson on keys. Then the arrangement opens up and slows down a bit so that Saunders can solo with a thoughtful funk flow and create cool snippets of soul to soul conversation with Ryan.
Nils once again plays a foundational role on this can’t miss jam, co-writing and co-producing the track, along with his guitar and programming duties. The uplifting and inspirational “Chasing the Dream” serves as a tribute to, and was written for his family friend, Lynette Schwartz when he found out that she was dying. “I sat by her bedside writing it and I hoped God had a miracle for my dear friend. She had always encouraged me in my career. I will forever be Chasing the Dream for Lynette,” states Saunders.