On “After George,” an easy groovin’ tribute to the legendary, late George Duke, Saunders pairs with retro-jazz/soul keyboard master Jeff Lorber and hitmaker Nils on the mid-tempo fourth single from Sexy Somethin. The track is a moody, laid back meditation on the masterful legacy of Duke and how he inspired others. As Duke often did, the track gets funkier and wilder as it grooves on, with Lorber creating an otherworldly, trippy synth solo and then a more organic piano improvisation that pays direct homage to the jazz/R&B fusion era Duke so defined. Saunders explains, “I have been following George Duke since I was a young boy. His music always has moved me. My favorite song is the acoustic piano version of “Sweet Baby” where he plays and sings by himself. Getting to have Jeff Lorber and Paul Jackson Jr. (who both played with George all the time) to play on my recent project, Sexy Somethin, made me feel like I had come full circle in my career. This song came from my heart and soul and my feelings about George Duke are all in the song.”