This is a song that can stimulate your mind and body to enable you to face anything that comes your way! The song opens with a catchy melody on keyboards with a funky groove underneath along with haunting electric guitar colorings. A synthesizer lead line drops the song off into a verse with a half time feel, letting the saxophone take over with a soulful melody containing peeks, valleys, and leading back into the hook of the song with the sax riding on top. The 2nd verse continues soulfully with a short interlude with the synthesizer first, another with the bass guitar, and drums building up to a drop off into a conversation between a sax section and solo sax. Solo sax restates the hook with the synthesizer and colorful orchestration while adding screaming altissimo notes in improvisation during the remainder of the song with a short riff before the song ends. The song presents a soulful melody and funky Groove that stimulates your mind and body preparing you for anything coming your way.