World-renowned German jazz musician Till Brönner and jazz legend, Grammy Award winner Bob James release their very first collaboration album, On Vacation, out now via Sony Masterworks. Technically brilliant, brimming over with a creative love for refined detail, and also exuding the greatest possible nonchalance, Brönner and James create richly imaginative music to ponder and dwell on, smile about and even cry over. About the current single “Elysium” Bob James says, “I’ve been very pleased to see the positive reaction to ‘Elysium.’ It was a co-composition with long-time collaborator Rachel Kwag. Our goal was to introduce a crossover classical vibe to the project, but keep it funky with Harvey Mason’s unique drum grooves.” Whether it be the late-night jazz piano and swooning trumpet of “Save Your Love For Me” or the upbeat waltz of the title track “On Vacation” punctuated by Brönner’s vocals, the project represents the undeniable and unpredictable union of these two jazz titans.