Joey Berkley’s latest project finds the tenor welcoming four talented and versatile musicians who are open to a variety of styles. “We did not want the music of this band to be limited,” says Joey, “so we’ve found a happy place where all of our styles and histories come together.” The project, which is comprised of the leader’s originals plus an inventive version of a pop song, begins with “Moving Forward.” Joey describes that song as being about “pushing one’s life into new areas that are positive.” Starting as a brief tenor-drums duet before the full group enters, the performance has a lengthy melody, intense saxophone playing, and a fluent piano solo that is backed by energetic drumming. The tenor-saxophonist is particularly proud of his latest recording. “This is a very accurate representation of who I am musically and it reconnects with my roots. I never take anything for granted because I know that it is a privilege getting to do what I do.” And for listeners, it is a pleasure to hear the results.