Narked Records is proud to announce the release of “Pilot”, the first single by The Groove Project. The current lineup of the musical group, fronted by Grammy® Award nominated Artist, Producer and Songwriter Arun Shenoy also includes acclaimed producer Matthew Shell, pianist Lonnie Park, saxophonist Marcus Mitchell and 4 other instrumentalists. Working on a concept album about man’s fascination with flight, the inspiration for the debut single, “Pilot” comes from the popular quote by author and speaker Michael Althusser: “The bad news is time flies. The good news is you’re the Pilot.” On this new record, produced by Matthew Shell & Arun Shenoy, the group has chosen to take a production direction leaning more towards the Smooth Jazz style, with each member of the group bringing a unique perspective to the music to craft a sound that is fresh and groovy, with a healthy dose of sunshine.