Greg Murphy - You Remind Me - Whaling City Sound

Greg Murphy, the revered pianist and composer, unveils his transcendent musical masterpiece, You Remind Me. This deeply moving tribute is a celebration of enduring love and the timeless essence of life’s most precious moments. Murphy’s fourth release on Whaling City Sound and his seventh as a leader, this album intricately weaves together diverse musical landscapes into a seamless tapestry of emotions. Recorded primarily at the esteemed Van Gelder Studios, Murphy leads an exceptional ensemble, featuring the foundational prowess of Obasi Akoto on bass and the rhythmic finesse of Steve Johns on drums. The album’s emotional depth is further enriched by the artistry of Zach Brock‘s mesmerizing violin and the captivating vocals of Malou Beauvoir and Frank Lacy. Reflecting on the album’s inspiration, Murphy shares, “Love is timeless…” He dedicates this musical opus to his late wife Nancy, the beautiful soul behind his creative vision. “Nancy’s spirit reminds me every moment of every day that love transcends everything…,” he adds, illuminating the profound essence that permeates every note of the album. You Remind Me is a multifaceted exploration of fleeting moments in time, a symphony resonating with the vibrant energy of love, cooperation, and hope for a better world. Murphy’s visionary arrangements and technical expertise shine through, carrying forward the legacy of the jazz tradition while embracing a modern, collaborative approach.

John Stein - No Goodbyes - Whaling City Sound

Experience illuminates the path to clarity, and nowhere is this more evident than in No Goodbyes by guitarist John Stein. As his 18th recording and 13th for the renowned Whaling City Sound label, Stein, along with his exceptional trio partners Ed Lucie on bass guitar and Mike Connors on drums, showcases a transcendent musical experience. Drawing from their diverse musical backgrounds and life experiences, each contributor infuses the core grooves of every composition with depth and authenticity. Adding a new dimension to this captivating journey, the talented vocalist Cindy Scott joins them on five tracks. With her insightful and sophisticated lyrics, Scott breathes life into Stein’s jazz compositions, transforming them into magnificent songs. The synergy between the John Stein Trio and Cindy Scott is undeniable. Their unwavering commitment to exposing the soul and spirit of the music shines through every note.