John Stein - No Goodbyes - Whaling City Sound

Experience illuminates the path to clarity, and nowhere is this more evident than in No Goodbyes by guitarist John Stein. As his 18th recording and 13th for the renowned Whaling City Sound label, Stein, along with his exceptional trio partners Ed Lucie on bass guitar and Mike Connors on drums, showcases a transcendent musical experience. Drawing from their diverse musical backgrounds and life experiences, each contributor infuses the core grooves of every composition with depth and authenticity. Adding a new dimension to this captivating journey, the talented vocalist Cindy Scott joins them on five tracks. With her insightful and sophisticated lyrics, Scott breathes life into Stein’s jazz compositions, transforming them into magnificent songs. The synergy between the John Stein Trio and Cindy Scott is undeniable. Their unwavering commitment to exposing the soul and spirit of the music shines through every note.

Gerry Gibbs Thrasher People – Family - Whaling City Sound

FAMILY showcases the extraordinary versatility and talent of Gerry Gibbs Thrasher People, featuring timeless classics like “Song for My Father” and fresh interpretations of hits such as “Smells Like Teen Spirit.” Immerse yourself in infectious grooves with tracks like “Cold Duck Time” and experience soul-stirring moments in “Living for the City/Overjoyed.” Let the melodic masterpiece “The Caribbean Song” transport you to a sun-soaked paradise, while the captivating fusion of “Road Trip” fuels your wanderlust. With seamless transitions from track to track, this double album envelops you in a vibrant musical landscape. Gibbs discovered a group of exceptional local musicians whose undeniable chemistry and talent caught his attention. The Thrasher People FAMILY was born, complete with the addition of saxophonist/keyboardist Eric Hargett, saxophonist Jerry Espinoza, bassist James Suter, and guitarist Tommy Howard. This instrumental ensemble took an unexpected turn when vocalist Michelle Gaibay Carey joined the band, elevating their musical synergy to new heights.

Terry Gibbs Legacy Band - The Terry Gibbs Songbook - Whaling City

Celebrated musician Terry Gibbs, whose remarkable career spans over eight decades, is set to delight audiences once again with the release of his highly anticipated album, The Terry Gibbs Songbook. This momentous album, which pays homage to Gibbs’ exceptional talent as both a composer and a vibraphone player, features 15 original songs, all penned by the jazz icon himself. Joining Gibbs on this extraordinary musical journey is a lineup of renowned musicians, each bringing their unique artistry to the project. Produced by Gibbs, the album showcases his masterful compositions and collaborations with musical virtuosos such as Scott Hamilton, Harry Allen, Tom Ranier, and the captivating jazz vocals of Danny Bacher. Together, they create a harmonious blend of sounds that accentuates Gibbs’ musical genius.

Tim Ray - Fire & Rain - Whaling City Sound

Tim Ray’s new release Fire & Rain features his jazz piano trio with John Lockwood on bass and Mark Walker on drums. The ensemble showcases their harmonically rich and balanced sound, playing uncommon yet effective choices such as Oliver Nelson’s “Stolen Moments” and Antonio Carlos Jobim’s “Mojave,” as well as newer material including three original pieces and the collective “Improv #1 (for Chick).” This collection pays tribute to Ray’s heroes, including Monk’s “Bye-Ya” and Jarrett’s “The Windup,” while also featuring works by overlooked composers such as Carla Bley and Dave McKenna. The album includes a track from the singer-songwriter genre, James Taylor’s iconic “Fire and Rain,” which builds to an inexorable group climax. Also in the collection, is a family portrait piece, “The Meeting,” alternatively titled “The Jbug and the Kman” and a groovy track called “NO Worries,” which has a hint of electric keyboard and New Orleans-style rhythm.