Rhythm Tribe – "Movin On" - VRLMUZIC

This duet between Mason and Brisa is an intense driving Latin samba groove that demonstrates the support and understanding between a brother and a sister. It tells about a toxic relationship that he is in, and his sister supports his decision to move on. Written by Mason along with Brisa and Thomas, it echos the importance of family support and understanding. The track is driven by a powerful lead guitar and laced with Latin funk horn lines. “Movin On” features a lead vocal duet over the smooth upbeat groove by hybrid drummer, Esau Garcia. All the players bring a piece of their own artistry to this creative collaboration. The “Movin On” music video is releasing on 3/28 and features Mason and Brisa driving cross-country on a brother-sister road trip, skydiving and performing live. Personnel: Brisa Guzman-Sanchez – Vox / Keys, Mason Guzman-Sanchez – Vox / Guitar, Thomas Guzman-Sanchez – Guitar / Bass, Esau Garcia – Hybrid Drums / Percussion