Jan Daley - "The Way Of A Woman" - The Sound Of LA/Log Records

Jan Daley, Woman Songwriters Hall Of Fame inductee 2023, just returned with a new version of her hit track “The Way Of A Woman”. This rendition sets the stage for her upcoming album, “Best of”, which will feature a compilation of her top-selling hits from various genres. The Way Of A Woman (Midnight Jazz Mix)” is a smooth and sensual version of the song, showcasing Jan Daley’s exceptional songwriting and singing skills. The track originally soared to the top of the Billboard charts, securing a well-deserved No. #1 position. Now, with this smooth jazz rendition, Jan Daley aims to deliver a refreshing interpretation of the song. Daley’s excitement for this new rendition of “The Way Of A Woman” is evident as she explains the decision to record it as a smooth jazz song. Following her producer Michael B. Sutton’s idea, she wanted to give it a more relaxed and sensual feel, believing that the smooth textures and soulful melodies of smooth jazz would complement the song’s lyrics and overall vibe. Additionally, smooth jazz has a wide appeal and is enjoyed by many, making it an excellent way to introduce her music to a broader audience.