Ray Anthony & Powerslyde - "Hit’n the Road" - Sonic Werks

Ray Anthony & Powerslyde’s explosive new EP U Got Dis is an adventurous revelation, important not only because it introduces to fans a powerful and emotional, commercially viable and radio friendly voice on the instrument, but also because of the long history Anthony and his band bring to their southwest regional scene. While Anthony’s crisp, seductive ‘bone melody is the musical focal point, there are also tasty, trippy synth lines and a snazzy electric guitar and trombone conversation that forms the high-spirited emotional core of the project. Make sure you save some room on your summer smooth jazz playlist for “Hit’n the Road,” a perfectly titled, whimsical and breezy up-tempo gem that provides perfect rhythmic fuel for long driving trips. Driven by a relentless groove, the high energy tune offers a prime showcase for Anthony’s soulful and infectious trombone melody, which is buffeted by cool soaring atmospheres and dynamic production. Produced & mixed by Nils who also provides rhythm guitar on all tracks, and features some of Southern California’s top smooth jazz studio cats, including Darryl Williams on Bass, and Gorden Campbell on Drums.