Deepak Thettu - "As Long as It’s You" - Sodara Music

Now that we’ve been introduced to Deepak Thettu… He invites the listener on a soulful jazzy ride with his vibrant new single, “As Long As It’s You.“ With its irresistible bounce and memorable hook, “As Long as it’s You” is going to engage the listener and have them humming along to the infectious chorus. The ace production work of Judah Sealy is on display as he combines subtle yet poignant sonic tapestries that perfectly complement Thettu’s smooth, rich guitar textures. The melody is the star here however, as Thettu aims to convey a message “when I play the chorus on my guitar, I hear the words: morning, noon and day and night, everything’s gonna be alright, As Long as It’s You.“ I wanted to write a song that celebrates the daily interactions with our favorite people in life, with our loved ones that make every day memorable leaving a lasting an impression for a lifetime.“