Jim Allchin – "Happy" - Sandy Key Music

Jim Allchin is an American guitarist who has written, performed, and recorded throughout his life. His guitar playing has been critically acclaimed in the Blues genre and now his guitar playing shines even brighter with his new album: Costa Azul, which infuses contemporary jazz and contemporary Latin, in a smooth-jazz format. “Happy”, the first single from Costa Azul is all about positive vibes. In a world where you often hear bad or concerning news, “Happy” is the positive vibe song you need. Literally, the name of the song summarizes the feelings created. It’s just a cheerful, happy, and yet chill song. You’ll be rocking back and forth, smiling, and tapping your foot. “Happy” was written during one the worse spikes in the pandemic and is a positive antidote to negativity. The entire album is an uplifting, happy, energetic, and romantic album that will have you smiling and wanting to dance, love, and have fun. Let’s all get Happy!