Vincent Ding - Incredible Views From Above - Outside in Music

Vincent Ding is a bright new flame in the world of vocal jazz. Refreshingly steeped in the traditions of the historic icons like Frank Sinatra and Nat King Cole, Ding blends this rich lineage with a depth of autobiographical authenticity from his Taiwanese-American roots to create music that is both thoughtful and powerfully rooted in hard-driving swing. Backed by an all-star big band and an equally fierce string section and produced by acclaimed vocalist Sirintip, Ding presents a musical debut that is truly remarkable with Incredible Views From Above as he sings to listeners both young and old about the liberating joy that comes from the pursuit of one’s passion. With Incredible Views From Above, Vincent Ding creates a remarkable statement not only as a vocalist and musician, but as an artist. Through this album, Ding has presented the incalculable power that the pursuit of one’s passion has on one’s life and has shown the very real nature of achieving one’s goals. Whether an old swing fan or new, whether a young dreamer or seasoned nostalgic, Incredible Views From Above is an invigorating listening experience on all levels.