Slim Man - "3AM" - Oui, Oui Music

The new single from Slim Man is here! The song is called “3 AM” and was written by Mr. Man during a sleepless night. It’s a laid-back and heartfelt track with a dash of retro soul and a splash of modern mellow magic. It features Slim Man on vocals and bass, along with George Hazelrigg on keyboards, who also produced the song. George just produced a #1 hit song in Europe. He also designs high-end studio gear that has been used by Harry Styles and Leon Bridges. and Slim Man! The sound on “3 AM” is elegant, simple, and simply charming. It’s Slimsational! Personnel – Slim Man on Vocals and bass, George Hazelrigg on Keyboards, John O’Reilly on Drums, Allan Maze on Guitar.