Victor VC Caldwell – “Count Em” - Moore-Caldwell Plus Records

From Grammy® Dove® and Stellar ® award-winning jazz and gospel producer, songwriter, and engineer, Victor VC Caldwell, comes his latest radio single “COUNT ‘EM.” This magnificent single is featured on his first album Hide Me. This single “Count ‘Em” is his way of saying Count Your Blessings – all of them. Goal of the release: To use music as a tool to spread a message. The message is, to count your blessings. The world is hurting and everyone seems to be going through a lot. However, God is still in control, has His hands on all of us, and continues to bless us all every day. So do yourself a favor and Count those blessings, All of ‘em. Moreover, to let the world know that Victor VC Caldwell is as much a solo artist as he is a producer, songwriter, engineer, teacher, and musician. He indeed wears a lot of hats.