Craig Davis - Tone Paintings - MCG Jazz

Pittsburgh pianist Craig Davis pays tribute to fellow Steel City native and bebop pioneer Michael “Dodo” Marmarosa on stunning new album. Tone Paintings: The Music of Dodo Marmarosa features bassist John Clayton and drummer Jeff Hamilton. Davis is on a mission to raise Dodo’s profile in the jazz consciousness. Part of that stems from hometown pride; a fellow native of Pittsburgh, Davis has spent most of his career as an active and in-demand member of the Steel City jazz scene. He also recognizes parallels to his own approach to the piano in Marmarosa’s, as both men blend classical influences with a taste for progressive jazz and a spirited lyricism. On his new album, Tone Paintings: The Music of Dodo Marmarosa, Davis offers gorgeous new interpretations of ten classic Marmarosa tunes as well as a new song penned in dedication to Dodo.