Buddy Rich - Trios - Lightyear Entertainment

When Buddy Rich and the Killer Force Band was at their peak, Buddy began regularly featuring a trio “off the cuff”, often twice a night, along with solo piano spots. This displayed the prodigious talents of his rhythm section and his prodigy piano man, and also gave the brass a break.  Buddy would exclusively use brushes rather than sticks, even in his drum solos. Young pianist Barry Kiener, who soon sadly died of an accidental overdose at the age of 30 (on Buddy’s tour bus), was invariably the lead instrument.  Virtuoso bassist Jon Burr completed the trio on most of the songs.  All but three Trios tracks were recorded over the Summer and Fall of ’76. Trios is a true collector’s item. The album artwork and design of the two-disc set in gatefold double vinyl (in translucent orange) are befitting of the music they hold. There has never been a Buddy Rich album like this.