Ute Lemper - Time Traveler – Jazzhaus Records

Iconic chanteuse and dancer Ute Lemper steps away from her historical repertoire and embraces her inner songwriter, producing an album that spans genres and time periods. The album includes ten original songs that merge various genres, including jazz, soul, R&B, and chanson. Together with her partner Todd Turkisher, Ute Lemper takes risks in terms of production and sound, luring the listener onto a completely unexpected path in some pieces. “Life is a song, and it wants to be sung,” said Ute Lemper, the New York-based singer and performer who has gained worldwide recognition as an interpreter of the Weimer repertoire of the 1920s, including the works of Brecht and Weill, and Marlene Dietrich. Despite her success in this genre, Ute’s artistic palette has expanded over time, and she now presents her own creativity with her latest album, Time Traveler.