Jae Sinnett's Zero to 60 Quartet w/ The Symphonicity Orchestra - Live At The Sandler Center - J-Nett

The concept of jazz meets orchestra isn’t new but rarely is the orchestra incorporated with the jazz ensemble as it’s demonstrated on Live at the Sandler Center. Jae Sinnett’s Zero to 60 Quartet weaves in and out beautifully surrounded by the lush-ness of Symphonicity. It’s more of one cohesive unit rather than jazz with strings. It’s considerably more involved than the string concepts of years gone by with jazz. “In choosing the music for this project I needed to find a balance that would reflect the strength of the quartet and the strengths of the orchestra. The orchestra is filled with classical players so swinging would present challenges. Considering, I picked songs of mine that are written and played with more of a straight eighth note rhythmic feel. The exception would be Noreaster. When talking with Allen Farnham about his orchestrations of the music we both wanted the orchestra to be more inclusive with the quartet. Not just a back drop. We believe we succeeded. The tonal textures and flow captures our musical intentions. There’s melodic and lyrical beauty, harmonic sophistication and rhythmic inventiveness.” Jae Sinnett. Indeed there is combined with a perfect balance of orchestral sensibilities and jazz improvisation.