Aleksi Heinola Quartet– Self Titled – ITI Music

In the autumn of 2021, four musicians and close friends joined forces for a week of touring and recording. This double long album captures the essence of their live performances accumulating in a 2-day recording frenzy at the legendary Finnvox studios Helsinki. The album features a mix of new and original Aleksi Heinola compositions and works by jazz greats such as Wayne Shorter, Thelonious Monk, Joe Henderson, and Cedar Walton. The recording session was intense, with the group experimenting and playing together nonstop for two days. Their pre-studio performances shaped the music and created an expressive atmosphere in the studio, capturing the tight interplay and energy of a group fresh off tour. Aleksi’s latest album represents a significant progression from his prior releases. However, he remains steadfast in his unwavering devotion to the jazz style that he holds most dear. The album serves as a tribute to the enduring legacy of hard-bop, characterized by its emphasis on captivating melodic phrasing, infectious swing rhythms, and a distinctive artistic flair that sets it apart from other modern works within the genre. The quartet is composed of an impressive array of talent, featuring Finnish drummer Aleksi Heinola, Hungarian tenor saxophonist Gábor Bolla, Finnish pianist Jukkis Uotila, and Swedish double bassist Daniel Franck. A must-listen for any jazz enthusiast looking for a fresh and captivating sound.