Tammy McCann - Do I Move You? - Iocanto Music LLC

She calls it “the marinade,” this aromatic mélange of musical roots and life’s seasonings: from studying opera to touring with Ray Charles; learning jazz at the feet of Chicago legends Von and George Freeman and singing with Ramsey Lewis; immortalizing her lifelong worship of the First Lady of Gospel, Mahalia Jackson (in the concert program Yes, Mahalia!) “The marinade” is generously flecked with Tammy McCann’s southern upbringing; “That red clay of Mississippi is sprinkled into me,” she says. It has simmered and seeped into her music for most of her life – although never with the radiant power of this album. These incredible songs, they’re all infused with “the marinade” that has suffused Tammy McCann’s voice for decades. But to convey what happens on Do I Move You?, allow me to switch metaphors. Allow me to turn the marinade’s ingredients into tributaries – each of them carrying a different genre, a different pair of supportive shoulders – with Tammy perched at the confluence. From there her voice pours like a waterfall, funneling these tributaries into a rushing river: a force of nature. Each coursing current intermingles elements of them all, whether the song is sacred or secular, solemn or sprightly. We all contain multitudes, and here, on what she calls “my most personal album,” she lets them speak together.