Tuba Skinny – Magnolia Stroll – Independent

To say that acclaimed New Orleans street band Tuba Skinny has grown steadily popular over the past decade would be an immense understatement. Over the years Tuba Skinny has attracted a wide variety of fans with the strength of their musicianship and the scope of their jazz and American roots music catalog. After years of playing mostly other artist’s songs, Tuba Skinny has decided to fulfill a long-time dream with the release of Magnolia Strolltheir first album of all-original tunes. Set to be released on May 6, 2022, Magnolia Stroll will feature compositions from band members Erika Lewis, Shaye Cohn, Robin Rapuzzi, Barnabus Jones, Craig Flory, and Max Bien-Kahn. Magnolia Stroll is an ode to all the musicians, alive and dead who have nurtured and inspired them along their journey, as well as to the city of New Orleans and the neighborhoods that took them under their wings and continue to do so.

Herb Wilborn Jr. – "Early Morning Love" - Independent

The song ” Early Morning Love” is a wonderfully crafted melodic melody that delivers feel good vibes to any and all listeners. The musical arrangement has captured a danceable tempo flow in a way that just makes your body want to move to the beat! Flautist Herb Wilborn Jr. and co-writer Edward Ridley have taken musical elements from Pop, R&B and Jazz, fused them together and created a fun and dynamic combination of rhythm and sound that’s sure to be pleasing to the ears. Whether you’re listening outside on your deck, listening with friends or just taking a relaxing drive on a beautiful summer’s day, Early Morning Love is feel good music and we all want to feel good as often as possible so…ENJOY!
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Tony Galbreath – "Keep Thriving" – Independent

This is a song that can stimulate your mind and body to enable you to face anything that comes your way! The song opens with a catchy melody on keyboards with a funky groove underneath along with haunting electric guitar colorings. A synthesizer lead line drops the song off into a verse with a half time feel, letting the saxophone take over with a soulful melody containing peeks, valleys, and leading back into the hook of the song with the sax riding on top. The 2nd verse continues soulfully with a short interlude with the synthesizer first, another with the bass guitar, and drums building up to a drop off into a conversation between a sax section and solo sax. Solo sax restates the hook with the synthesizer and colorful orchestration while adding screaming altissimo notes in improvisation during the remainder of the song with a short riff before the song ends. The song presents a soulful melody and funky Groove that stimulates your mind and body preparing you for anything coming your way.