Dave Bass - The Trio vol 2 - Dave Bass Music

Having recorded his many originals with jazz greats like Phil Woods, Ted Nash, Ernie Watts, Ignacio Berroa, Mary Stallings, and Karrin Allyson, Dave now enters the refined world of the piano trio saluting many of the pianists upon whose shoulders he stands, including Bud Powell, Paul Bley, Andrew Hill, and Thelonious Monk. The Dave Bass Trio travels from Bach to Be-Bop to Free Jazz! Dave’s latest recording, The Trio Vol. 2, picks up where its predecessor left off.  Bass notes that Vol.2 elevates everything the Trio did on Vol.1 to a new level. “It’s a deeper, more mature effort by the Trio regarding the three things that made Vol.1 a success:  the wide spectrum of styles, the vibrant 3-way communication, and the unique arrangements of challenging compositions.” On The Trio Vol. 2, they offer up a set of performances that are as tight as if the band had been playing together for decades, while, in truth, they first came together just over three years ago, prior to recording Vol. 1.