Bill Warfield and The Hell’s Kitchen Funk Orchestra – Time Capsule - DaPlanet Arts Network

Trumpeter and composer Bill Warfield has entered a period of reflection, taking his critically acclaimed ensemble, The Hell’s Kitchen Funk Orchestra, along with him for their latest output – Time Capsule. This 12-track recording finds the trumpeter amidst a rhythmic awakening while he reflects on some of his greatest musical influences. Time Capsule presents like an orchestral memoir, deviating from categorization and cultivating a comprehensive overview of Warfield’s stylistically vast but sonically familiar repertoire. Bonding with intention and response, Warfield orchestrates the impact each selected tune has had on the direction of his artistry while sharing a record that is above all else, autobiographical. Over the past decade, Warfield has issued three records alongside his Hell’s Kitchen Funk Orchestra. On Time Capsule, he assembles a new iteration of the orchestra, placing, as he describes, a fervent emphasis on “the power of the horns.” Warfield’s arrangements explore their shapeshifting quality as they form and reform around each selection, becoming a gospel choir, a syncopated pulse, lush Broadway overtures, harmonic pads for solo gestures, shouts and melodic leads.