Katherine Kostoff – It Happens Like That – CM2

Fast-emerging songwriter and jazz artist Katherine Kostoff called her emotionally evocative and soul stirringly poignant debut album It Happens Like That after the opening title song, whose warm and dreamy vibe sets the mood for the Vienna based singer whose her poetic lyrics about how quickly a great romance can take the wrong turn and how suddenly love can just run out. Yet the name could apply equally to the unique and serendipitous way the beautiful 12-track collection took shape under the loving guidance and production of Gil Goldstein, a five-time Grammy winning pianist, arranger and accordionist. Aware that forging meaningful connections with listeners is a huge part of building a fan base for a new artist, Katherine takes the meaningful step of writing personal notes for each song, in addition to an insightful writeup about the album itself. Considering herself a songwriter who sings rather than a singer who writes, she says, “Gershwin once said that in order to get a good song he had to go through 12 bad songs. I haven’t exactly counted my ratio, but I can tell you that I have allowed only my good songs to make it to his collection.”