Adam Schroeder & Mark Masters - CT! - Capri Records

Adam Schroeder and Mark Masters pay tribute to Clark Terry on CT! Big Band takes on fresh arrangements of 13 Terry originals! There are certain bodily movements that humans do without thinking: the expansion and contraction of the lungs, the beating of the heart, or in this case, the tapping of the foot to a deliciously slow, swinging groove. On CT!, baritone saxophonist and bandleader Adam Schroeder teams up with arranger Mark Masters to deliver a tasty baker’s dozen tunes in the Basie/Ellington/Strayhorn style, all composed by renowned trumpeter Clark Terry. Schroeder conceived of the recording as a celebration of Terry’s 100th birthday. Schroeder’s motivations for the record were heartfelt. “I wanted to celebrate what Clark gave to me and so many others around the globe for decades – musically, educationally, and as a mentor,” said Schroeder. “He was so giving, while at the same time demanding the utmost respect for the music and its process, and thus demanding that the players and listeners be present and collaborative.” That collaborative spirit and commitment to the music is evident throughout CT!, from the exhilarating solos to what Masters refers to as the “sound of surprise” of the band as a unit.