Allan Harris - Live At The Blue Llama - Love Productions/Live At The Blue Llama Records

Set to play for two nights at the Blue Llama in January 2023, Harris decided it was time to capture the sound and vibe of this particularly solid band, and felt that the Ann Arbor, Michigan venue would be the perfect place to do it. A top-level jazz club with particularly great acoustics and a savvy engineer, Blue Llama is one of Harris’ favorite places to play. Allan Harris Live at the Blue Llama captures the vocal maestro in top form and showcases the engaging warmth and crackling magic that only live music can bring. This curated collection of ten selections was combed from Harris’ diverse and genre-spanning repertoire, sourced from over forty years of musical artistry. Produced with minimal editing, Allan Harris – Live at Blue Llama is an honest representation of this vocal giant. “I am really proud to present to the world this live recording. It is a sonic window into the world that I inhabit when stepping onto the performance stage, and I hope it moves you,” Harris shares.