Mark Kibble & Steve Khan - Island Letter - Blue Canoe

When two legendary artists decide to collaborate on a very special one-song project, the results are expected to be magical. So the pairing of vocalist Mark Kibble, the 15 time Grammy award winning singer known for his brilliant work as the lead arranger of Take 6, along with guitarist Steve Khan gave good reason for such excitement. That they chose to reinterpret singer/songwriter Shuggie Otis’ Island Letter from his 1973 album Inspiration Information conjured up thoughts that anything might be possible on this musical journey. In a business where categories become essential, music writers classified Shuggie’s music as “Psychedelic Soul.” Here the Kibble-Khan tandem creates a musical impression that will also stretch the boundaries of labels and categories. Additional personnel: Rob Mounsey, Rubén Rodríguez and Marc Quiñones.