Albare – Beyond Belief - Alfi Records

This album is a journey through Albare’s rich musical landscape. His guitar, as always, is not merely an instrument but a voice that speaks of life, experiences, and the unspoken narratives of the heart. The collaboration with his long-@me collaborator, pianist Phil Turcio, is in full display here; you are in the presence of two masters having a musical conversation to the delight of the listeners. Beyond Belief invites listeners to immerse themselves in a world where melody reigns supreme, offering a unique experience that is quintessentially Albare. Beyond Belief is produced by Albare and his long-time colleague and collaborator Phil Turcio. This duo’s partnership in the studio brings a richness and depth to the album, highlighting a shared vision that has been refined over 30 years of collaboration. Phil Turcio: Piano, Phil Rex: Bass, Pablo Bencid: Drums, Lionel Cole: Vocalist.