Brooke Alford - "Heaven on Earth" - AEEG

Violinist Brooke Alford is releasing her new single “Heaven on Earth”, which will be included on her May 2023 album release. When we think of “Heaven”, we often think of an intangible, after-life “paradise” where one’s spirit ascends for living righteously on Earth. On the contrary, the choice to design a “Heavenly” reality for ourselves is possible daily. “Life is exactly what we make it. So, why not make it feel good, present, light, and full of love in the midst of circumstances beyond our control. We have the power to create our ‘heaven’ right here, right now! That’s what inspired the creation of Heaven on Earth,” says the Atlanta-based Artist. Produced by Mt. Vernon, New York’s funkiest groove master, Bob Baldwin (Pianist and Producer), Brooke and Bob joined forces once again to create the easy vibes of “Heaven on Earth”. Written by: Brooke Alford and Bob Baldwin. Produced and Arranged by: Bob Baldwin. Violin: Brooke Alford, Live Strings: Brooke Alford, Mixing Engineer: Bob Baldwin, Mastering Engineer: Steve Hall.