Composer, educator, bandleader and consummate saxophonist T.K. Blue is proud to announce his upcoming release, The Rhythms Continue. This new project is dedicated to the memory of T.K’s long-time band-leader and mentor NEA Jazz Master Dr. Randy Weston who passed away in September of 2018. Featuring compositions by T.K. Blue, Melba Liston and Randy Weston, The Rhythms Continue features an ensemble of ten musicians who are well-versed in the African Rhythms, jazz sensibility and passionate intensity that is hallmark to the compositions of Master Randy Weston. Aside from arranging each of these compositions, band leader T.K Blue performs alto and soprano saxophone, flute, kalimba, sanza, lukembi and mbira on these recordings. The rhythm section is made up of the exceptional Alex Blake on bass and master percussionist Neil Clarke on percussion (together with Weston, these two made up Randy Weston’s Trio) with in-demand recording artist Vince Ector on drums. Billy Harper appears on tenor saxophone and Min Xiao Fen performs the chinese pipa, a  traditional lute-like instrument. Weston’s vacant piano bench was filled, on this recording, by four young pianists who each bring a uniquely original feel to this dedication to the great piano legend: Sharp Radway, Mike King, Keith Brown and Kelly Green.