The Truth Revolution Recording Collective is proud to announce the release of Flash of the Spirit, a new album from bassist, guitarist, and composer Santi Debriano. Much like his native Panama, which straddles the continental divide and facilitates the union of Pacific and Atlantic, Santi Debriano has become comfortable occupying several worlds at once. As a graduate student, Debriano read Robert Farris Thompson’s Flash of the Spirit. For Debriano, a Black Panamanian American who grew up in New York City after his family emigrated when he was four, Thompson’s book proved revelatory. “That book describes my ancestral struggle to stay present in the many worlds I live in,” says Debriano. It’s a tight rope that Debriano walks, but on his version of Flash of the Spirit, the always intellectually curious bandleader strikes a balance and he’s got plenty of help! His rhythm section’s rounded out by drummer Tommy Campbell, pianist Bill O’Connell, and a small but powerful woodwind section that includes alto saxophonist Justin Robinson and flutist Andrea Brachfeld. And complimenting the core quintet are Francisco Mela, a Cuban drummer, Brazilian percussionist Valtinho Anastacio, and Tim Porter, on contemporary jazz mandolin.