Native Speaker, as an album, is about taking music from anywhere, a pop tune, a cultural sound, a jazz standard, and translating it into a shared language – what we loosely refer to as ‘jazz’. It’s about us connecting to and with you through sounds that we love and hope can be shared. The concept of the record Native Speaker is twofold. One, we are practitioners of the African American music artform called jazz and we’ve committed our lives to it. Second, whether you are a “Native Speaker” of my language or not, you’re welcome here. You’re welcome in my country, my land, my music, my clothes, my home, our dreams and in our art. We wouldn’t want it any other way. Selfishness is monochromatic, and we like color. We like your food, songs, and the sound of your language. We encourage you to write songs that stick to your bones. Ear catchers that remind you of a person, coming of age, or place, a tune that pulls you through that dark patch. Play with passion, clarity and a searching ear. That’s the goal of Saltman-Knowles on our eighth release, Native Speaker.