When Ron Bosse first began the process of recording this album with producer Jeff Lorber, he immediately noticed that they both shared similar values in that they feel that all aspects of the production require a high level of attention to detail. Not only is it about the songs, it’s about the orchestration, it’s about the musicians, the solos, the way it’s recorded, how it’s mixed and mastered, the album artwork, the name of the songs. The album name “Burning Room Only” captures this mindset. As we all know, musicians love using the term “Burning” to describe a great musical performance – so in the context of the album, it means “there’s only room for the best” or to say it another way “there’s only room for the most burning elements”.  On a deeper level, the name is also a metaphor for how I feel about people – if you want to be successful in life, you need to surround yourself with people who share the same mindset. In essence, there’s “only room” for positive people that have a “burning” desire to succeed.