Bassist, bandleader and producer Richie Goods announces the release of his seminal album with his band The Goods Project, entitled My Left Hand Man. The consummate bassist’s third album as a bandleader, My Left Hand Man, is a tribute to Goods’ late mentor Mulgrew Miller. Over the course of ten fresh takes of ten compositions by jazz luminary Miller, Goods achieves a clean, cohesive and unified sound wrought with thoughtful interplay from this large ensemble thanks to his mindful arrangements and the talented personnel that he carefully selected.  The album features Goods on acoustic and electric bass, along with Lil John Roberts on the drums. Mulgrew’s vacant piano bench is shared on this tribute by two remarkable pianists, Shedrick Mitchell and Mike King. The release features the guitarwork of Tariqh Akoni and David Rosenthal. A slew of notable artists make guest appearances on this release, including vocalist Jean Baylor, vibraphonist Chien Chien Lu, percussionist Danny Sadownick among others.