The song, written by Mason along with Thomas tells a story of care.  It presents the challenge of comforting someone who has lost a loved one. “Goodnight” is led by the haunting vocal and guitar of Mason Guzman-Sanchez with background vocals and keyboard by Brisa, backed up by the seductive guitar of Thomas Guzman-Sanchez and the solid Latin modern Bolero/Bachata was laid down by hybrid drummer, Esau Garcia.  This group’s powerful rhythmic statement is rooted in over 100 years of their family’s musical legacy. The band applied the old recording technique of playing together live in the studio. This allowed them to create something special that they now are sharing with the world. The music video is being released on 8/23. Personnel: Brisa Guzman-Sanchez – Vox / Keys, Mason Guzman-Sanchez – Vox / Guitar, Thomas Guzman-Sanchez – Guitar / Bass, Esau Garcia – Hybrid Drums / Percussion