Reza Khan’s latest album Imaginary Road is best described as globally conscious contemporary jazz – adventurous in its fusion of jazz and global rhythms, vibes and aesthetics, yet always includes bright, infectious melodies and intoxicating grooves that lift the spirit. With dynamic references to his cultural roots and fascinating ensemble action under his production guidance by some of the jazz world’s most notable musicians, Khan offers new hope in an ever changing world of music. Khan had been traveling to Spain frequently (pre-pandemic), and during his last trip he and his band performed at the Matisse Club, a place where jazz and salsa music mingle freely. Inspired by the energy of those gigs, the five-piece ensemble hit the studio one weekend to cut the seven scratch tracks that laid the foundation for what evolved into Imaginary Road. Personnel includes: Mark Egan, Dave Mann, Miles Gilderdale, Philippe Saisse, Sergio Pereira, Matt King, Maurizio Zottarelli, and Fernando Saci.