“Limitless” and “freewheeling” are the key concepts that captures the relentlessly grooving, perfectly titled “Neo Funk,” a soul-gripping, uplifting blast of punchy urban intensity featuring Khan jamming heavily with guest artists Miles Gilderdale of Acoustic Alchemy, Grammy nominated keyboardist, composer and producer Philippe Saisse and pianist, Matt King. Though Khan is a contemporary of these three and has long been a visionary artist and hit making composer, vibing with greats of this caliber is ultimately what has led Khan to up his game as a musician and rise to their level of innovation and greatness. The track begins with Khan’s brisk, breezy acoustic guitar taking the lead over a funky groove and interacting with simmering horns and Saisse’s bluesy keys. A minute and a half in, it quickly spins into a neo stratospheric rock-funk jam mode, with Gilderdale’s crackling monster electric guitar solo and a larger blast of horns raising the octane level. The hard driving rhythm and Saisse’s whimsical old schoolin’ synths continue as King pops in, dazzling to no end with a sparkling, highly improvisational piano solo. Gilderdale follows with an even more intense solo – letting us know that the “neo” in the title translates sharply to “rock-jazz fusion.”