During his musically formative years, one of Reza Khan’s most influential idols was Pat Metheny. The Bangladesh born and raised, NYC-based, composer guitarist achieved a lifelong dream when bassist Mark Egan – a founding member of the iconic Pat Metheny Group – became an integral part of his own band. Egan’s dreamy, soulful and hypnotic trademark bass vibes add an hypnotic transcendence to “I See Stars,” the latest single from Khan’s Imaginary Road album. Following the funky, high energy vibes of “Waiting for the Sky” and “Neo Funk,” the first two singles from Khan’s latest album Imaginary Road, his latest track “I See Stars” is the perfect dreamy and intimate soundtrack for a cozy winter night. Khan showcases the gentler, more sensitive side of his melodic guitar artistry amidst a mystical, caressing sonically intricate atmosphere where stars are invited to appear and inspire us like magic.