“The Gathering”, the second radio single from Next Train Home features Khan’s jazzy guitar, strolling along in smooth step with a silky sax line by Jeff Kashiwa – until Philippe Saisse pops in with a brash synth crash sound and the tune revs up the funk and offers space to Matt King for one of his trademark piano solo jams. The result is ultra-infectious and melodic, and still quite radio friendly – music that draws listeners in and keeps them there throughout the journey.


“I believe my music has evolved tremendously over the past few years. My favorite aspect of Next Train Home was how organically everything happened, from my original melodies written in African hotels to the natural flow that happened in the studio when we were tracking live, with no overdubs. The album captures and preserves the musicianship and interactions as we lived them in the moment. It reflects some of the greatest musicians in the world having fun, and when you’re having fun, everything sounds good.”