Khan’s latest full length album Next Train Home reflects the multi-talented performer’s ultimate expression of an artistry that is all about exploration, not limitation, by following a multitude of passions and vibing with contemporary jazz greats, while Khan’s core acoustic and electric lines are front and center on every tune- sometimes alternating on the same track. One of the most emotionally revealing songs is “Drop of Faith” – a bright free flowing slice of tropical-tinged dream funk that begins as a balmy ballad and then grooves up for Khan’s breezy, up-tempo acoustic guitar melody. Perhaps the most “smooth jazz” flavored of any tune on the album, the track was produced by veteran hit maker Nils, who also contributes his sizzling electric guitar with a high energy guitar solo. Philippe Saisse contributes hypnotic synth harmonies and atmosphere, while percussion master, Gumbi Ortiz keeps the grooves hopping with his intense percussion – including a solo percussion outro. The result is a fresh groove, with thoughtful melodies that is sure to liven up springtime playlists.